Pure Krav Maga Course Plan/Boaz Aviram

A course plan should include the number of hours and the objective of the course and how it will be obtained.

Pure Krav Maga Five Days Instructor Course Curriculum
A lesson plan should include the number of training hours in a session, and the objectives of the lesson and how it will be obtained. In addition it should include the emphasis points of each technique and drill.  

Emphasis points are generic for the whole Pure Krav Maga system, but also contain specific instructions for each move. 
Reminding yourself and your students what you are trying to achieve helps to keep them focused. For example generating impact by generating speed of acceleration of one of your limbs together and supporting the blow with the mass of your body is what you desire.  

But that translates to correct sequential execution of the move for optimization of uni directional motions and having the rest of the body support this desired motion with balance and comfort.  Supporting the impact with the mass of your body weight is achieved by twisting your shoulder in the a split second and during the critical moment of impact.

For example, overall view of a H2H scenario, it will involve awareness detection of danger, in which you will need to escape, deflect and eliminate the danger. Then, prioritization  of which danger to deal with first and what option will be most suitable (prioritizing the options).  To do this you will need to train in using the reaction time to your advantage, generating impact with kicks and blows, getting accustomed with the forces of push pull and leverages, sequential execution for efficiency and drilling up to test your understanding.

Drilling should be incorporated throughout the course starting with the mechanical breakdown of each move following with fluid  motion drilling.  
Methods of attacks and tactics should be explored and drilled and followed with counter defensive tactics. At the end of the course students and instructor should get a sense of accomplishment of gaining significant ability to handle self defense and hand to hand combat scenarios with true confidence. 

Confidence is a virtual virtue that emanates from certainty of success in unknown confrontations in the area of which the confidence is gained. Confidence in that area is based on logical judgment of how historically these scenarios that require confidence were handled successfully and the logic behind them.  

Finally, The Plan must be deliverable!  That means that the Instructor should be able to deliver the learning experience outlined in the lesson plan and having them achieve the objectives of the course within the specified number of hours!!!
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