Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery/Boaz Aviram, Founder

Pure Krav Maga is a Binary System of Logic simplified at the core but complex in its entirety! As a training system, the interactive teaching and learning process calls for prioritization to teach the essence. As a self defense response and hand-to-hand-fighting system, the structure of training must include all the elements of a fighting/self-defense scenarios broken down to the smallest components and put together to use on the various levels.

The human body has an innate ability to learn, to move, and to use what it is learning. Humans all have about the same number of bones in about the same ratios of size and shape and about the same amount of organ and build. We just need the most efficient logic to program ourselves what to do with it.

A training system dealing with self defense and the human body, deals with instructions and drills to create training programs and scenarios to mimic the essence of fighting in real scenarios and gain maximum experience in each part possible and combining all the aspects of training to have a complete mental picture of what is about to happen before it actually happens. It is like slowly creating a complete navigation system where any possible opponent in any possible environment is being subject to virtual control when he is on sight.

Principles, Definitions, techniques, training drills, training aides, proper instruction etc. are basically logical division of matter dealt with to the smallest meaningful and useful component for that purpose. The purpose of breaking down and putting back together a system is to place such items in your memory and gain efficient habits of retrieval and use upon any variation of occurrence. Therefore these concepts must be universal.

The core concepts and principles of Pure Krav Maga are Proper sequential assessment, sequential execution, sequential action under the constraint of the reaction time!

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