The Psychology of Fake Krav Maga Videos/ Boaz Aviram

While some Krav Maga Schools are on a mission to enroll students, or even sell Training Videos they are realizing the market trend of responding to advertising. For many years the crowd that took Martial Arts was influenced by the combination of being bullied at some point and the fame of Hollywood Martial Arts Stars like Bruce Lee.

If we look at Chinese Martial Arts movies, we see a quest in plot and extensive athleticism demonstrating impressive Kungfu Curriculum.

If we look at western action films, the trend the fame Krav Maga brought is to try and make them more combat realistic. With many soldiers coming out of recent wars, with Krav Maga advertising for realistic combat tested Hand to Hand Fighting methods, most of these videos and actors try to improve their technical knowledge of how it should resemble real life. 

Often it is the actor’s dilemma of not exactly knowing this new animal Krav Maga and what to do with it so they fall back to rely on their prior martial arts experiences. There is also a constant clash with movie directors with what sells and what does not. 

The bottom line the idea is to entertain and impress the audience with breath taking scenes.  Although many people hope to learn something from the movies, they might ruin their lives for learning the wrong truths as well as a result of false realities glamorized in Hollywood.

Many Krav Maga Promotional Videos are trying to get your attention by using Hollywood acting tricks which suppose to play with your emotions where physical violence is acted out as well. Some are trying to portray an exhilarating circus performance of Jujitsu, or even boxing training drills.

The idea of the old Hollywood movies was to create maximum fear, identifying with the victim with minimum skills using the same Pure Krav Maga principle called efficiency. 

When you choose a school that is linked to these videos, the questions that arise are:
Are you going to get a compromised fitness program that fit your average fitness level of couch potatoes? Are you going to get a good acting class? But more important, do you really want to learn and acquire good self defense skills?

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