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Many times you see Martial Arts Masters creating new techniques and tactics countering almost any technique out there.... What they do lack is the element of Prioritization! 

For example, if you execute a kick, your opponent executed a counter move, and you execute a counter to the counter, there has to be some imperfection in his initial counter. After all, think how many counters to counters could be executed?

Do you think until someone makes a mistake? Nor really, as these things should take only split seconds, there is a limit to the human reaction ability to digest and redirect an offensive or defensive move. 

When you see people train in too many counters, you should know that something is grossly wrong with their knowledge and assumptions.  Lets take the point of view of a military battle for example:  While soldiers are trained to arrive to the scene, accurately shoot, minimize their physical exposure as much as possible and use the element of surprise as much as possible, other arms of the army use advanced weaponry , protective shields, including ground and air long range missiles and explosives. 

When we talk about H2H we talk about who shoots first when you are in the close range with a pistol. In reality it is who hits the target first, who distracts first, surprises first and take advantage of this surprise.

So in H2H we use the forces of impact, and push and pull to create impact by throwing someone to the ground or trying to separate his cervical spine, choke, or even tear the windpipe or testicles with a plucking motion.

We take advantage of the element of surprise as much as possible. we try to attack with the least amount of projection starting in the long range if we can, and continuing to the short range if needed.

We train to be aware not to put ourselves in a position where we might be helpless due to the reaction time limitation. We train to deliver deadly or sufficiently distracting blows which give us enough time to escape of follow up with deadly attack if required to defend our lives.

Let's  face it!   In boxing you learn basic straight punches, and then circular punches. Then you explore the options of applying all these strikes from all angles permitted in the sports of boxing. 

At the end the glove can hit you in your face, and the sides of your head but not the back! In Karate you learn all sorts of kicks to reach you from almost any angle possible, then in sports full contact karate you try to avoid doing kicks that can cause handicapping conditions like knee breaking kicks...

In Jujitsu ,you learn to throw and grapple and in wrestling you learn the same only with more of body holds due to the differentiation in the type of athletic clothing. What appears to be is that athletes use these basic ways to generate impact and push and pull forces almost in any angle possible on any pressure point in the human body which is allowed in each respective fighting sport.

Back to self defense... We are not going to become athletes in all fighting sports ever practiced and we are not going to learn all these techniques either. Let's face it, even in each of these arts, you have winners and losers. What we are going to do is learn what makes a difference between the winners and losers, and if we can make some sense of it. 

In addition we are going to acknowledge that in self defense training we need a completely different set of drills as we do not want to limit ourselves to fighting into one range or another, but rather train to stop threats at their inception all the way throughout the last possible split second. 

Lets talk about efficient attacks and efficient counter attacks to make the long story short:
Training in efficient methods of attack emphasizes the fastest way the human body can reach a pressure point form any possible distance, generating sufficient force to impact this pressure point to the point it buys you time to keep controlling your opponent from a split second to infinity. 

The timing is of the essence as you need to do it instantaneously as you get into the range. Otherwise guess what could happen! 

Training in the most efficient methods of defense emphasizes the defensive evasion, deflection or redirection of a force of impact or push and pull following up with the most efficient countering force which is the force of impact. 

If you are locked in a very close range, you could shove your fingers at some soft pressure point or try to tear some of them as well.  Just moving back, or to the sides or even forward without creating a counter attack of some sort of impact immediately with that move opens you to continuing attack and to endless possibilities of dying! 

If you block a roundhouse kick with your arms and did not simultaneously kick his balls or punch his face, he can then try one of Jujitsu submission techniques as counter to your block of the kick. But why do half a block and open yourself to a bag of worms? 

When I see someone that does not even understand that in order to fight you need to have a complete system and not endless learning and teaching as you learn, I think about the following analogy: You need a close circuit to light up the light bulb!

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