Dont ever get Distracted in Training and in Real Life/ Boaz Aviram

Let's say you teach 10 variations of escaping when someone grabs your arm.... You can do wrist maneuvers, using your body weight looking for the weakest point of the grip, making your opponent lose balance and fall, or just punch him with your free hand... 

For each folk has his favorite stroke...But are you teaching self defense? Are you fighting the wrist lock? Are you getting out of restraining attempt, the beginning of domestic abuse scenario? A kidnapping attempt? Do you think spending two hours on memorizing 10 techniques of getting out of a wrist lock will help you in a confrontation? 

Perhaps when you put it in perspective, but you first need to know what a confrontation is, what can happen in it and all the other million variations that another human can restrain you, give you a concussion, restrict your airways or cut your arteries....

Any little infliction of pain on your nerves could prove deadly, after you get distracted and you give your attacker more time to inflict more harmful wounds upon you! You need to see the whole picture and make good use of your time for the purpose you are trying to achieve!

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