Responsibility Thrive to become an Expert/Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga Instructors should question themselves: Do my students command self defense?

While most professionals aspire for self development and career advancement, the goal of a Pure Kravist would be to m  asterfully instill self defense skills in his students. That thrive alone forces him to become expert in Self Defense if done responsibly and with utmost care.

Remember your mission is not to become a choreographer who creates a Krav Dance Troupe with impressive performance that draws more students for a daily fitness regimen!

On that note, you must remember that it is certainly nothing much of achievement when students pass a belt, learn how to execute one technique or another and certainly just memorize names of definitions of moves in long sequences. Definitely not a fitness quest of elbowing a punching mitt endlessly on the clock!

The Selected core curriculum of about 150 techniques which can be memorized in the correct sequence over a span of twenty one hours, then need to be used in meaningful combat drills that instill excellence. 

In addition at the end of the program, students should have the ability to swim and navigate between awareness to the hotzone and apply logical prioritized response to neutralize a training partner according to specialized drills that mimic all the dangers of reality based self defense. 

That process should not take longer than 10 more hours. It can be further honed indefinitely and then build upon with additional goals of fitness and health. 

But if the core is not mastered in a short period of time of a week worth of intensive training, or stretched over biweekly sessions for the public's convenience with these goals in mind, you are probably not doing Pure Krav Maga!

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