Test of a Master / by Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Often a Master is challenged for a test! This could be under the excuse that in order to learn from him a student want to be personally persuaded that the Master has superior abilities and therefore someone to admire and learn from. 

The student's perception at this point is that the Master is probably not as good as he is, or a complete fake! It is a sort of challenge for humiliation. Some students however do not see it that way, since they have nothing to lose, as they consider life as daily learning experience.

In fighting sports for example or so called Sports Martial arts, Master should have had enough sparring experience at some point of their careers to reach their rank. Some that might not done well in sparring, but provided good administrative service, or good attendance were promoted as well! In a vague quest for improvement, a rank is always appreciated as recognition of persistence and advancement.  People do get old, sick, lose their mobility, etc.

When a person is dead, although non existing he still retains his name after his death! Some people are always looking for easy challenges, and some people are always looking for all sorts of challenge. 

More specifically, when you are talking about a Master of Real Life and Death Hand to Hand Combat you might be looking for mystical powers or at least earthly powers that give an old man a chance to beat a younger punk!

Most people probably just heard too many senseless folk fables and nowadays watched too much television!

From the above extreme scenarios let's take a more feasible scenario, where someone comes to you and calls you for a friendly sparring.

Obviously, if someone provoked you and entered the hotzone aggressively, you would have had no choice but to use your skills for better or worse. The fact that someone is asking you to agree for a friendly sparring means that you either take his invitation for a dual or lose respect! 

Well it is not the dueling era where people were allowed to have a fair sword fight or pistol shot at each other! Unless you are a gang member about to lose status, you have to consider the outcome of such a "fair fight." In self defense there is not such a thing as fair anyway.
You have the element of surprise, and the more efficient approach which prevails no matter if it happened by chance or by sufficient training. There are all kinds of personalities. Without doing psychoanalysis some are told to look for a challenge among other fellow men trying to impress their peers or even significant other of their manhood. 

Some try to get more followers in a Master Student Relationship with show of force! Some even add more sophistication and trickery. If they lose in wrestling, they try to compete with arm wrestling, or even any other challenge that they feel they can beat you!

As a H2H professional, who is sure of himself you at times happen to stretch yourself beyond the possible element of surprise possible to stop in order to protect your students well being. Many times you hold off from inflicting a blow that will severely cripple a potential student in such stupid challenge. 

Some masters however, take the approach that whenever they sense that challenge to their title, they preemptively respond with greater force, using more of the element of surprise.

Professional boxers and wrestlers now realize that in order for them to compete in MMA, they need to learn more! Its time to realize that in order to spar in self defense training, you need to learn more than ever. It is totally a more comprehensive approach then all the others and more specific.

Fighting Sports give great fitness and abilities from the fact that the simple moves of a match are stretched to hard training and fitness which are aimed at giving athletes the opportunity to experience the hard work and sense of victory achievement in a limited injury capacity! 

H2H training stretch the application of Logic, your brain, your body, into protecting your territory. This is a much more complex training than any time of Physical Fitness activity!

So to simplify the point, lets say you are H2H Instructor, and someone asks you to do a friendly sparring. You can kick his balls before he finished talking and elbow his head and walk away! 

You can also let him finish talking, try to explain to him how different your friendly sparring is than his, and that you are not going to use just boxing, just grappling in your sparring, nor you are going to use Muay Thai low kicks, but instead side kicks to the knee and groin shots, etc. 

You can explain that you might have to use blows to more dangerous soft pressure points if that will not work, etc. Your position here is still as someone that is trying to teach people how to fight, not to injure people. That could turn into a self defense scenario, in which, you might be severely injured or lose face out of your own stupidity, agreeing to "fight" on someone's else terms.  Question is do you want to help bring it upon yourself?

In Pure Krav Maga, students learn to timely respond to a potential attack and deflect or counter attack almost at the same time in the priority of which is faster. That causes an immediate reversal of fortunes.

On occasion, a trusted student might come and attack you knowing that you will not hurt him bad with your counter, and try to attack you again... At times you might not think it is a good idea to hit him hard back. From a show point of view you can lose face! But if you did hit him hard and injured him, you have lost a student and got yourself a bad reputation! 

You can never win in this game, but you need to use your judgment! Some students just get carried away with their ideas and actions! This is basically amounts to avoid confrontation if you can, and fight to the end if you need to!
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