What is a Reality Based Self Defense System?/ Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder

Often you see in the same Martial Arts school people learn the same techniques and when their instructor is telling them to do a technique they are able to recognize what they are required to do and execute it. 

For months and years, their instructor is satisfied that they are doing OK. Then comes sparring. Some are able to apply some of these techniques and some are not able to apply most of them. What are the general problems they may have? Is it poor techniques? Poor Timing?

Well let's start with timing. Some instructors let students learn the concept on their own, and some might even mention that they need to practice until they get it.  Poor techniques? 

Well the instructors are satisfied that students can do the required techniques and stop correcting them. Some believe that endless repetitions improve techniques. Well this vague theory emanates in Darwinism perhaps where nature has its way to keep what works and discard what does not. That might happen to one out of few hundred students in a dojo but never to the rest!

So what is a bad technique? Well front kick is kicking to the front in Dojo Language! Side Kick is kicking to the side, and so forth!
However, aside from the foot that tries to reach the target how does the rest of the body function? Does it support the generation of sufficient momentum for the required KO impact? If it does not what's the problem then?

What about defenses? Is there enough leverage in a block, deflection against what it intends to deflect? Can students manage to block or deflect a real surprise attack? If not is that a leverage problem or a timing problem? What about blocking a feint? 

Well for the later problem of blocking a feint you need to have an overall fighting strategy recognizing that an efficient fight only lasts few split second. You might have surroundings awareness begin prior to that, but in the critical moment when the attacker's kick or punch is about to fly to your direction from a reasonable distance it is the time when the fight actually start. Yes you can make this time shorter once you are sure that your judgment calls for preemptive attack to eliminate a definite danger.

So while a feint is in fact luring an opponent to believe you will attack him one way while you are in fact attacking him another way while in the hotzone where he does not have the time to change direction, it is also a complete waste of time if your attacker is blocking and counter attacking at the same time. 

Guess what, he does a semi attack to one direction and then move to an attack in another direction. He can even jab twice in the same direction letting you try to evade the first and then hit you with the second. But if you evade or deflect the first and hit him at the same time he is moving in, he still did not execute what he was planning on, didn't he?

As for a bad technique...The instructor already concluded that students can hear the word front kick and respond correctly. But is the lunge to reach an opponent is practiced fast enough to surprise him? Is the leverage created by the body parts helps deliver a debilitating kick during the critical time of impact? Is all the force then being directed to the desired location?

Well, the key is sequential execution! Like the simple task of throwing a ball. If you want it to go far, you need to synchronize your whole body to help with the throw. You simply cannot reverse the sequence of that motion and expect to get the same results.

When I see a Krav Maga Master/Practitioner that his moves resemble the original Krav Maga techniques but he does not have the correct sequential execution of them I simply dismiss the case as another non Krav Maga case! 

While you can question the issue of safety of training and use it as an excuse, it can come back and bite you as well! This should be no excuse as if you do not know how to train safely in Krav Maga and yet train to gain ability to use it realistically, then again to my opinion you do not know Krav Maga! 

Of course there are many name users that have many deficiencies of not knowing what were the original Krav Maga techniques for examples and therefore they substitute them for other Martial Arts techniques. Well if at least some of these techniques had the correct sequential execution...

But overall Krav Maga is not only learning to use the optimal sequential execution of the techniques, but also a collection of selected techniques drills and most efficient training methods to get a lot more of self defense capability then you get in your average course of years of training in Martial Arts and Fighting Sports! 

Finally, the key is learning principles that apply to all techniques through very small number of selected techniques, logical simulated reality, and a complete different hierarchy of prioritizing.

When you see a dance troop, dancers synchronize their artistic performance to complement each other's movements into the show. When you see a Martial Art Demo of attacker and defender it is the same. 

However, you need to understand what is going on to really know if this would work as Hand to hand Fighting method, because the speed approach and ability to cause harm through impact and accurate pressure point, and the ability to recuperate and counter than all come into play. While each human has his own rhythm, the idea in Pure Krav Maga is to have a method to take all the elements into account and create the best recipe to be used as a training method!

Final sparring/drilling should be geared toward applying the individual segments of all aspects of unarmed combat into solving simulated attacks. That can be done by asking one training partner to keep trying different methods of attack, tactics, etc but that of course after you train him how to be most efficient in his methods of attack.

Then you ask the defender role student to identify the angle, timing, and direction of the attack before it happens and choose the appropriate counter.

You cannot assume that both training partners know what they are expected to do when they spar. Each one has his own thoughts going in their minds. While one, tries to see how he can reach his opponent in the right time, the other is trying to see how he can block. 

In addition they could think "I hope no one gets hurt in this drill." Just putting gloves on and playing around or hitting each other right is not going to do the job. If you knock out your training partner you have no one to train with. If any of you attack too hard but not hard enough, you encourage the other to knock you out and you are passing the ball to his field. You need to know exactly how to control your strikes and yet make the session exactly as it would be in reality less the penetration depth to the aimed pressure point.

If you read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon, you will have a pretty good idea of Krav Maga is and what it is not. If you view the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery 7 DVD Set, you will have an exact idea how to apply the correct sequential execution!

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