A Master's Dream/Boaz Aviram

Two nights ago on November 9th, 2015, I had a dream about someone that was in my life in the 1980's. Immi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Fighting Fitness and Krav Maga in the Israel Defense Force. 

When I met him, he was retired from the Israel Defense Force, and a Master of Krav Maga, his brainchild of hand-to-hand-combat.
Somehow along the road we crossed our paths. My miserable 7 years of Martial Arts training had come to salvation by meeting his top student, Eli Avikzar, which was his heir in the Israeli Defense Force.

Then I fell on the role of the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief. The Third in lineage, so it happened...Was introduced to Immi (Imrich's nickname), and for the next five years, I basically spent the days of the weekends in his company, immersed in the wonders of a truly hand-to-hand combat system - the Paradise of any student of Martial Arts.

That time I was involved in training Israel Defense Force Soldiers and officers, male and female in short hand-to-hand combat courses and qualifying instructors, where he was creating a civilian Krav Maga association based on the Judo Ranking system. 

His idea was to give the whole world of new generations of youth a true sense of humility, love of life, confidence, and sense of security among men through the practice of a concrete self-defense training system.

The Judo based Belt system appeared to be the most convenient motivational tool at the time for both students and civilian instructors. To my opinion, it did not help for future generations in the preservation of the system, nor in its development. Perhaps it was not just that, but the other under the surface forces and communications that needed to take place between people that are committed to the dream. Perhaps there is more than one dream and many dream interpretations...

So few nights ago, I had a dream meeting him again. It was very vivid as it took place in some future place and I think it was in black and white colors. He always had a busy schedule although he always gave me plenty of time.

So he was doing something related to his plans to spread Krav Maga... He wanted to test me on some of the principles of Krav Maga and give me a rank I think. His way of testing one on one was a sophisticated questioning and expecting a straight answer.

Not only I've answered him, but also went ahead and ran across him the whole training system telling him how to take a student and bring him to a state of hand-to-hand combat ready! His eyes lighted up in content. I think the dream ended as I was telling him about the last few steps in the process.

I guess I was so preoccupied in reciting the process that I did not pay attention to the fading dream. As I fell into the Master role in life in the past half decade working on a true martial artist's dream to empower his students, I was relying on past genie, processing the training system and taking it into an exponential higher level.

Thinking soberly, I can say I've introduced the complete cycle of Pure Krav Maga to quite a lot of people. Perhaps I need double the amount of people and perhaps they need double the time I've spent with them.

A mitigating factor is that I've published a book and a training DVD set which captures the essence of the training system. But things fade, and few generations of instructors proved in the past to stray out of the core.

I tried to have a quality control system. I am sure the true instructors in the past had tried too. Many ended up living the day and seeking more convenient ways and windows to save their role as a Martial Arts Master.

Who's fault is it? Maybe the competition? The quest to fill in the studios with paying students to motivate instructors...Perhaps for some instructors is the look after prestigious system's names without really taking the effort to dig into them.

A man can only spend his time on his brainchild and make the maximum of his time. This is part of human development. I think I stopped making goals beyond reach thinking they might be a result of too ambitious expectations. 

Most people do look to go with the flow and not upset the apple cart... The book is there, the Pure Krav Maga-Self Defense Mastery DVD set is there as well.  The experience gained after documenting and regurgitating the training system and filling in the blanks with potent mojo is second to none.

Now the compete process needed to be injected to many people in a way that will not corrupt them, and corrupt people should be expelled from the speedy process. If it becomes a state mandatory science with tested mathematical and physical formulae perhaps it will be preserved.

For some reason, True Self Defense Martial Arts were never on the agenda of the academia. First of all is because they were hard to test.  
Second, because there was more leniency toward pure sports, arts and emotional and physical cure after the abuse instead of teaching people do deal with imminent confrontations. 

Perhaps from the fear of the unknown and the natural suspicion that that unknown could get to the wrong hands and there will be greater dangers out there that those that are already there. Once you put it in a logical relationship, you can see which of the fears is greater...

I am thinking this moment that maybe God did not create the world in one week, but rather three weeks with three Generations. Well even if one week which I am using only as a metaphor and one generation, created lots of chaos, you can just imagine what kinds of chaos future
generations create.
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