Israel Defense Force Krav Maga goes to Diaspora and Comes back a foreigner!/Boaz Aviram

A champion of boxing wrestling  gymnastics, and swimming is forced to have fist fights in Bratislava with the Nazi youth groups. 

In his youth he helped his father in circus acrobatics and in teaching Jujitsu. Upon exiting Czechoslovakia  en route to Israel he is given an ultimatum to join the British Army where he gains military and additional H2H experience learning Fairbairn concepts. 

He then becomes chief of Fighting Fitness and Hand-to-Hand combat in the Israel Defense Force (IDF), which originally consisted of intensive use of a knife training and other H2H close scenarios. 

There he develops his system of  Genius - Krav Maga! He then decides to keep it as an IDF secret, but also exporting it to the civilian market having a "unique combination." 

The original idea was to develop counter techniques against all the martial arts and fighting sports.  Therefore ,Boxing, Wrestling, Japanese Jujitsu, Chinese Kung Fu, Aiki-Jujitsu, and Aikido were explored and analyzed.  Their techniques were evaluated, and few extracted, modified and adopted for the purpose of training. In fact many experts of Jujitsu, and other Aiki Jujitsu, Kung Fu, etc., are unable to recognize these techniques as they were modified in Pure Krav Maga.

What is the essence of his developed system in the IDF, and how he gave it to the civilian public, yet leaving the original Krav Maga an IDF Secret, which at some point even escaped the IDF?

The essence of the Israel Defense Forces Original Krav Maga developed by Imrich Lichtenfeld was all about which training partner arrive first at his opponent's pressure points with sufficient controlling force!  

This ex champion saw through his mixed fighting sports athletics bordering with circus acrobatics, traditional Jujitsu, and Fairbairn revamp of hand-to-hand training to soldiers, finding the essence of desired behavior in hand-to-hand-combat scenarios!

It makes you think that after years of training one learns to attack first when he recognizes trouble not needing to even use natural defenses when caught by surprise. You think about the environment, street, dojo, house, etc.. 

You think about what you use for keeping alert way before someone enters your hotzone range suddenly. Using your fist against the face, and foot against the body is a significance of hierarchy of prioritization's exponential efficiency! 

Although one can attack with the fist to the rest of the body, and attack with the foot to the head, it is more efficient to use straight lines as you enter the hot zone, and therefore never use the foot to kick someone in the head in the first kick! The leg simply exits one's hips going straight to another man's hips area creates a straight line.  Straight line in a sense of a concept of shortest route to reach one's pressure points calls that lower or higher kicks would call for longer advancement of the whole body and having the rest of the body aside from the kicking leg too closer than necessary to the adversary.

You take all the principles and you see the whole picture of prioritizing your navigation in reach to opponent's pressure points before they can reach yours.  You would expect mechanical breakdown of certain principles for the part they deserved to be broken down, and you expect general statements on a system to be all inclusive.

Civilian Krav Maga was teaching military IDF techniques! Punching, Kicking, Elbowing, Kneeing, Deflections, escapes, use of a club, use of a knife, and tactical defensive methods against them. Then only at high belt level, they were allowed to spar! Sparring however consisted mostly entering each other's hot zone and exchanging blows.

It makes one wonder if  instructors do not know, or instructors do not want to teach the essence of the system (so called the lethal elements of the system), and therefore they are not aware of the concepts of reaction time, and sequential execution.  Therefore students find it hard to execute defenses and counter attacks and it all amounts to who enters the hotzone first, punching the other out without even being aware of why he succeeded at one point or failed in others. 

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