Legitimacy in Using the Pure Krav Maga Reputation Conducting Instructor Courses/Boaz Aviram, Founder

The Quality Control Mechanism of Pure Krav Maga Allows Only Expert Instructors Pure Krav Maga Level 8 to certify Pure Krav Maga Instructor Courses on their own! 

The Original Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery has no Control and no approval of quality control of any other Instructor Courses done by any of Pure Krav Maga Instructor who is not Pure Krav Maga Expert level 8 and above! 

That should amont to getting Pure Krav Maga Instructor level 4 on the first intensive Five Days Instructor Course, and taking at least four more times of five day intensive training, plus consideration of teaching experience and assisting in those additional courses including continuing evaluation of skills! While some Certified Instructors and Certified Master Instructors of levels below Expert level 8 had been conducting all sorts of courses and certification programs, Instructor Courses are not whatsoever under the original Pure Krav Maga Hierarchy. 

As good, beneficial, and competitive to their environments as they might be, they do not fall within the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery Quality Control Guidelines! As tricky as it might seem, the idea is that every person has the right to do as he pleases according to the local law, and every person has the liberty to advance his career and work toward the benefits of his community. 

At the same time, he has no right to use the reputation of Pure Krav Maga Founder for the purpose it was not intended to. The idea of the Pure Krav Maga Founder is to preserve the Training System Reputation under strict quality control! So Pure Krav Maga gives its back up reputation for its instructors only for the rolls they are certified to fulfill under the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery training system! Again, they could be great instructors but it is not verified by the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery organization. 

The nature of conducting Intensive Five Day Seminars which are a compromise in Converting the Original Israel Defense Force three week Krav Maga Course less additional Fitness and Lesson Evaluation into the first Five day course, and the reality that only those that served in a capacity of full time instructor conducting Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Intensive three week courses reached a promising level that was instilled in their blood. At the same time the necessity to meet and be supervised in five intervals while instructors keep teaching, helps assure the continuation of the right path!

Empirical history shows that only after being supervised four times in teaching the Pure Krav Maga intensive Instructor Course one attains the propensity to stay on the Pure Krav Maga Track!
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