Use your body as a Weapon Not Your Kicks...[Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maga Founder]

Often you see someone in a fighting sport competition that prefers either grappling, punching, or kicking.  MMA amounts to mixing the ingredients of training to be able to "fight" from a greater distance to a very close distance using every Martial Arts and Fighting Sports out there so called "techniques" and training drills.

In Pure Krav Maga to ensure maximum advantage of the training for self-defense purposes, we use different categorization that allows us to map out opponent's capabilities in a more meaningful way which helps to make instant decisions.

Sports martial arts and fighting sports attempt to use each body part as a weapon with attempt to use each body part on each pressure points during the training.  

Many fighting sports explore various ways to inflict control on an opponent to bring them to surrender by neurological pain that comes before damage occur in the body.  Pain from sensation of the breaking point from leverage on the articles, loss of consciousness as a result of restricted airways, or a knockout from blow to a cluster of nerves. 

Kick to the sternum causes change in the heart rhythm.  The opponent cannot control his blood pressure and therefore cannot control his ability to stand up. Blow to the solar plexus hits a center of nerves that control the vital organs. Kick to the carotid artery impacts the Vagus nerve that causes a drop in the blood pressure as well.

Instead of teaching to attempt to use each body part as a weapon applied to the opponent's pressure points, the idea is to do it selectively with stress on the probable realistic scenario.  
That realistic scenario might be outdated perhaps if one day everyone got into training in a sort of a fighting art or sports. But that will not make Pure Krav Maga outdated! 

The reason is that teaching to counter opponent' s most efficient capabilities within the shortest amount of time limit will give students the advantage of finishing their response to a threat much faster if such threat was not the most efficient threat.

Lets start with the long range...The element of surprise would be to get close to you before you managed to react. That time could be shortened if you let someone stand closer to you without doing anything as of yet. You need to have a good lunge for your kick, or just wait for the opponent to move in and kick from the spot usually a block kick or a roundhouse kick. 

But when the opponent is already standing within a foot's reach, your arm will reach him faster! If you never learned how to execute knockout punches, you might want to rely on your kicks, but if you do not try to even throw a weak punch you never buy the extra time to secure uninterrupted kicking time! 

If you are comfortable with grappling and you want to get that close, you need to move in uninterruptedly by making your opponent think you are doing something else, like punching or kicking.  

Of course some people are trained to wait and see what you are doing and use the counter technique from the same sport you specialize in...The key however is reaching his pressure points before he reaches you. 

While sports martial arts and fighting arts sparring have restriction of the force used with soft pressure points, still even a light strike provides few valuable split seconds of distraction letting you move to the next step of your plan. If you skip that part and try to close the gap to move to a closer range, you are opening yourself to counter attacks before you closed that range! 

If your fighting sports opponent is trained in the same way you are, then none of you might really know exactly what is going on throughout the process and you will "win" some and "lose" some. Can you afford that in training someone to be in charge of his life in a hostile environment?

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