Krav Maga Marketing Shots / Boaz Aviram

When I look at pictures or videos, I am always looking to see and wonder about how it starts how it unfolds and how it ends, and does it makes sense from the most efficient point of human capacity. 

A defensive tactic should be based on the opponent limitations during the contact moment of not being able to do more than what he planned on a split second before.

The angle of approach, method of control before the counter strike should address any follow up attack options, and if the attacker retreats, a follow up lunge and attack should immediately be initiated. In that type of scenario, the attacker has no chance to block as he is retreating.

My point of presenting a series of photos of techniques is to show the critical stopping points. Perhaps some people put accent on the general beauty and impressiveness of the pictures for marketing purposes!  For people that sit hours in front of the television and accustomed to judge facial expression more than "body language" in the form of capacity, that type of marketing might suffice.

However for the technical crowd that wants to understand what's in the box, and try and see if it fits their own bodies, these pictures are useless. You need to either look at the photographs immediately during the shooting session, or repeat the missing shots.  You could also have a trusted photographer that understands what he is required to capture ask you to repeat the moves until he manages to capture them.  If you missed a shot, try to at least cover up for it with detailed explanation of what is happening in the unseen part of it. You also need an explanation for the good shots to have viewers learn proper "art" appreciation.

In a real combat one has to die. Even in a  a "less severe" combat one does not learn fast enough from his mistakes unless an outsider points out a solid logic to him!
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