Krav Maga Techniques or Drills? / Boaz Aviram

Well the techniques are basically a small portion of the H2H professional terminology. Lecture about the intangibles, teaching proper sequence, drilling and testing by observation and quality control of training and testing a complete cycle of the system installed in students mind, bodies and soul ensuring it is completely integrated are all integral part of Pure Krav Maga Training System.

Not at all times you get to finish the cycle satisfactorily, but you can only tell these students to be aware of it, and try to make what they learn a second nature habit and discard the old bad habits. You can only hope that what they learned will be useful in their approach and resolution attempts in dangerous encounters.

Many times I see live videos of various Krav Maga seminars. Whether the techniques even look like Krav Maga techniques or not, I am not going to elaborate, however, even if they do look like Krav Maga techniques I am aware of that they must be done in the proper sequence. 

If not, they become useless for the training process and  also in the field when attempted to be used against a real attacker. If that type of techniques with that type of sequence saved someone's life, it was not that techniques, but the overall relative efficiency between the attacker and defender. Instead of drilling students in relative efficiency to themselves, I prefer drilling them in efficiency relative to the ultimate model of human efficiency.

I keep thinking, it is probably a short seminar and who knows how many people still struggle between old habits and new habits if there are any.

Most videos of live Krav Maga seminars appear like somewhat naturally staged show. The struggle of wrestling might be real, but in the first strike, or cut it seems that the attacker role is projecting their attack making it easy for the defender to be successful with the engagement.

This only should be done during early stages of the seminar to help students navigate their planned action. At the end it should be challenging. Sufficient tools should be given in a seminar that if the initial engagement is not concluded as planned, students should be able to improvise according to the principles.

You must teach proper efficient attacks first and insist training partners will gradually increase or decrease the intent, non projection, and overall efficiency of attack to help their training partners gain realistic navigational skills.

Plan and devise drills, and repeat prior training if in forthcoming training students forget what they are required to do and begin to horse around. First timers though if attentive are like blank slate and have greater propensity to do what is required.

Students that have prior experience with martial arts and fighting sports might have gone through more drills that gave them confidence to do sparring and competitions. Now it depends on the way they perceive and digest the new material of study. 

If they realize that Pure Krav Maga is a much more profound and serious H2H fighting training system, then they pay attention to each comments and try to rid of their past bad habits. If they just feel like having fun in the class setting, then they might horse around and revert to their bad habits. 

Most of the times, it is the blank slate students that have the propensity to finish the"fight"(sparring) with aggressive lunge, burst and bombardment of muffled strikes ( techniques that are learnt for safe sparring), leaving their training partner mesmerized with astonishment if not Knocked out! 
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