Pure Krav Maga - Tested Training Methods for a Certain Objective/ Boaz Aviram

No Martial Art is counter to another martial art. Each martial art and fighting sport specializes in a unique form of training that is either geared toward relatively safe competition, or toward self defense. Over the years, training methods and assumptions were borrowed from both schools. 

In these training methods, one learns impact strikes and kicks, pushing, pulling techniques, leverages on limbs, airways, and pokes and tears of soft pressure points.
The problem is not about borrowing training drills from one system to another, but borrowing assumptions!

Human kind had already thought about many methods of executing the above techniques and drilling combat or competitions scenarios. The key to success is first of all the stretch of the horizons of the objective they try to reach. 

That means, explore any possibilities to use under certain set of rules or assumptions!

When you fight for your life you never want to use rules of competitions. Instead you want to use rules of survival and rules of nature. The key in quick learning how to defend oneself is to command the prioritization process throughout the training and attain a sufficient mastery of the aspects of the invisible forces.  

These invisible forces consist of reaction time(limits of the element of surprise) physics of generating force, insight into the effect of striking pressure points, and insight of the whole picture of endless possibilities of navigating unfolding scenarios, and the impact, push and pull, leverage, tearing and soft pressure point poking. 

That command in short time is achieved by proper classifications, prioritization, and training methods applied throughout the short one to few weeks training curriculum. This is what Pure Krav Maga is all about!
The the Opportunity to View the Complete Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Curriculum Training in 24 Sessions

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