Snap or Thrust Kicks? / Boaz Aviram

The Original Krav Maga had two categories of kicks: Defensive and Attack. The metaphor in defensive kicks was trying to block the opponent's body or Legs. 

In most Impact martial arts there is the same distinction however, while in the original Krav Maga it was goal based definition, in the martial arts the definition was character based: Kekomi = Thrust Kick, and Kiage = Snap Kick. In Pure Krav Maga that general category became more specific to the the tactical purpose it was designed to address and to the exact method of execution of each specific kick instead of a general direction of using thrust or whip motion...

The whip motion helps with ensuring maximum speed during impact. In addition, proper weight shift and torso tilt support transfer of maximum mass toward the impact zone creating a greater impact momentum. 

The defensive kicks in their nature provide optimal stoppage when placed in front of the target, knee locked with full weight shift supporting it before the impact.
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