Checking for Counterfeit H2H / Boaz Aviram

Whenever I watch any type of martial art, fighting sports, display of training of fictitious scenario, I am first concerned in identifying the attacks as possibly reachable to pressure points. 

That means, did the attacker lunge close enough so he could reach the desired pressure point with sufficient penetration and damaging, distraction causing force? If this condition is not met, I then decree a judgment in my mind: Training against inefficient attacks equals inefficient training end of story!

My next concern is are the training appear to concentrate on entry into the hotzone maintaining the element of surprise and do the rules of engagements adhere to the limitation of the element of surprise; i.e. the first cut is the deepest and the first to distract buys time to continue until the finish if he indeed knows how to efficiently do it.

If not, then I come to the same aforementioned conclusion. 

Finally, I ask myself does the training system extend to include taking an opponent from the farthest possible range, and then from the closest range with landmarks of all the intermediary ranges that are meaningful to the principles of hand-to-hand- combat using any part of your body or extended by an object used as a weapon.  If yes, I conclude it is a good hand-to-hand-fighting training system. If not, and the previous two conditions are met, then at the most it is a good agreed upon competitive sports training method - Simple as that!
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