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A question popped up of whether having the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery Training Videos could grant Certification.  I do not offer online certification as of yet although I am not saying it is impossible!

Because the course is very intensive - five days of training 6 hours a day it would probably take much longer to do it yourself.

The DVD set Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery break down hands on the Israel Defense Force Original curriculum training steps to ensure students are executing the moves in the correct sequence allowing for fast and un-projected response in execution of lunging kicks and blows, knife attacks and stick attack, defenses, and escapes.

Generally if you think about each technique needing to have principles of throwing a prefect ball or executing a perfect tennis serve or any other sport, the sequence of the movement is behind the success.

The short curriculum of about 150 techniques is basically extracted best choice response method to the myriad of possibilities created by the fighting sports and martial arts over the generations adopted specifically into hand-to-hand combat to promote maximum survival at ease of learning and realistic response.

So the DVD set just show you how I am training a female novice at the time in the whole intensive curriculum and she is making errors and I am correcting her until she achieves minimum proficiency in striking kicking defenses, use of a knife, stick and escapes from grappling scenarios and counters and firearms threats defenses. 

The 7 and a half hours of video is extracted out of the actual hands on 21 hours curriculum allotted to techniques and training drills to learn how to see the whole picture.

You could use more time in repeating back and forth the drills until you are able to automatically use all the drills in sparring intuitively and that is dependent on each individual. In that seven and a half hour video, every mistake and question possible was made by the student and I corrected it. 

These mistakes were made many times, and therefore I've edited the film to a third of the actual hands on training not to make it too redundant but yet leaving few same errors being corrected to show future students and instructors the training patterns to be expected.

Since I am striving to keep the quality control of Pure Krav Maga, more on the instructors' side, I am focusing on giving them hands on intensive training the way it was done originally in the Israel Defense Force in the 1980's.

The 1980's is a significant year because until then there was a complete separation between Krav Maga taught to civilian and Krav Maga taught in the Israel Defense Force. There was an IDF curriculum attached below, and there was a civilian curriculum listed by belts and years. Aside from the different curriculum, while names of techniques might have been the same, the essence of how to do them was left out in the civilian schools.

Instructors simply did not want their students to know how to knock someone out with a single punch or a kick for example so they did not bother to explain too much. The idea in the civilian curriculum was to reserve it down the road, and usually down the road they still did not want to bother to teach too much because that could possibly lead to competition with various instructors.

Immi's original black belts in his school after he left the Israeli Defense Forces did not learn what he taught in the IDF, except those that replaced him in the IDF. Eli Avikzar Succeeded him in the IDF , and I replaced Eli Avikzar in the IDF. When I left I did not have the time to train anyone to replace me, and they were looking for students from civilian Krav Maga with background in martial arts as replacements. Things have changed more for the fitness direction and steered away from the beauty of the most efficient hand-to-hand fighting system.

In conclusion, with the videos and book you get to test yourself if you missed any of the complex material essence. With a trained instructor, they do it for you and you do not have to go back from training mode to video mode.   Both are helpful however.  Another advantage is that you can use the training videos at your own time as a preparatory tool to fight your logic and see if what you are about to learn or already learned make any sense!
The the Opportunity to View the Complete Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Curriculum Training in 24 Sessions

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