Size length reach body mechanics - all contribute to the game.../Boaz Aviram

Size length reach body mechanics - all contribute to the game...
Border line to use kicks instead of punches changes...

Bigger size equals bigger soft pressure points and bigger target

Natural ability to deliver and take more impact force.

Natural ability to deliver and take more push and pull force.

body mechanics of correct sequential execution of techniques contribute to maximizing the forces of impact and push and pull.

You can have great hand eye coordination, but can you catch a fly with your two fingers each and every time? This has to do with man reaction time vs. fly reaction time.

Overall tactical entry to the hot zone to ensure maintaining the element of surprise leading to victory might change a little bit. Obviously the body mechanics should be maximized by following the most efficient sequences, and also the tactical entry into the hot zone should be maximized as well.  

If you consider boxing, you would think longer reach has an advantage as hypothetically when both opponents move in, one can hit the other without the other getting close into punching range, however that first punch could be deflected, and the shorter reach boxer can then get closer for a hitting range.

A block kick however to the knee leaning backwards could stop a boxer from getting into hitting range. Generally, in self defense, you would start on the longer range and therefore when facing someone with longer legs, you might want to estimate his reach and know at what point to start your deflection and counter attack.

When it comes to the grappling range, you would look for a soft pressure point anyway. However if someone is trying to get you in a headlock, and your neck is too small for his arms, you might find it easier to slip out.

Developing abdominal muscle could always help for both quick athletic motion and absorption of impact. It can also help with leveraging push and pull forces, etc. But again when it comes to physical differences it is the overall picture that takes all the ingredients into account. 

Having a well rounded profound understanding in all aspects of training and fighting is a good idea rather than just spend most of the time on honing few techniques.

That understanding can ensure seeing the greater picture and overall control of the training process and fighting purpose to victory.

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