Tactics Drive Techniques / Boaz Aviram

While MMA sport fights in the past did not look close to Pure Krav Maga Sparring Drills they do begin to look like it now. 

Imrich Lichtenfeld had said that one day they will all come to our street. Details aside, but the nature of the world to think of efficiency whether you want it or not. At the same time the word we are all familiar with its bad connotation - bureaucracy, is the counter efficiency devil!

If you would think what tactics you are going to use defeating someone that attack you by surprise, you have to consider all the elements. Mechanical action and its result backtracked to the thought process of intention, planning, assumptions, and execution.

A surgeon in the hospital can cut your limbs apart while you are under. However to go under, you have to either agree to it, or be tricked into it. I am using that metaphor to illustrate the critical moment where you are out of control. In self defense you need to know when this critical moment will occur before it occurs and stop it. Otherwise it is simply put too late!

Should you study the sciences of manipulating bones out of their sockets? Constricting Airway? Damaging Vital Organs, Inflicting neurogenic shock? Well there are many ways to execute the aforementioned killing and control methods. 

However when you study hand to hand combat, you need to combine them with the element of surprise as it all happens so quickly you better off doing so. That increases your survival chances to its maximum potential and at the same time decreases your opponent's survival potential.

If your tactical approach was to minimize your risk from another human which is about to cause you harm, the best option is to simply to eliminate him. Even if he can be more dangerous than you are, if he does not exist anymore, so does the danger he poses!

Even if you have contradictory considerations as to the consequences of facing the court system, that should not stop you from devising a complete program of identifying and assessing the true danger and all your true options. 

To simply ignore it you are basically devising a self defense system which is only good against opponents, that do not intend to kill you, do not intend to harm you badly, etc. But even all opponents are equally civilized and law abiding citizens that just engage in a social hierarchy contest for power, the same core principles of survival do apply to increase the rate of success.

So your tactics would be to control your attacker in the best option available to you. The most efficient tactics would be the best option because they simply require less time and the faster you control your attacker, the faster you eliminate the danger he poses and the faster you decrease your exposure to danger.

If you are constantly training to learn more techniques that are off the track of your tactics, you are not on the right path to learn how to defend yourself. You do not play Leggo when you defend your life. You have to have a solid plan, and you better use it to train yourself properly before you might get into a fight(dangerous threat)!

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