The Relative Simplicity of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga does not work like the Magic Pill!

The initial thought was to develop counter techniques against all the other Martial Arts could be interpreted as counterproductive to simplicity!

Think about an engineering project taking body parts that each have a certain motion preinstalled in it, for example, just a wrist that is constantly rotating inward, a fist, that is constantly opening and closing, a foot that is constantly stretching its toes upward to protrude the heel, a foot that is lunging and landing forty five degree toes pointed outward...

Drawing Arts is basically programming a student to become a drawing printer, and Pure Krav Maga is basically programming the student to become a human fighting machine! You really need to learn a lot of skills to do either one. 

I am not an expert of Art, and I do not know where you can take a crash course to mimic Michael Angelo's art, although I would think that his projects done by hand would take very long time to execute anyway. Yet he had his style impressive during his lifetime, and impressing generations to follow.

Well Krav Maga is not as hard as drawing! Apparently many people are using their bodies to walk, run, jump, lunge, squat, roll, grab and hit or kick. People have a driver's license which indicates that they can hit the brake pedal on time to avoid an accident or hitting someone, all done through daily pressure test like environment in the rush hours of thousands of cars all rushing into work. 

You know you kick down the gas pedal, and your car lurks forward accelerating with great power. It could certainly kill anyone it drives through! Many also have a sophisticated navigation system that requires initial input of where you are going to following with constant feedback where to turn next until arrival. If you remember the way, you would not have to spend the time even to input the information, nor you would have to put your attention to what that gadget is telling you.

Basically in a way, Pure Krav Maga Training Seminars, Courses, and Sessions, Workshops, are virtual engineering project. You are the project, and your Instructor is the technician/ engineer! Your instructor has about average half an hour to 45 minutes to test your body prior to any work done. There is no point to start work on parts that might break. Preparation for a paint job, lubrication of rusted bolts and nuts - that rings a bell somewhere...The warm up of course!

Then you have about 20 hours to install the software, of the combat motion, and tactical navigation, test the machine, and reinstall as many times as necessary until you are happy and your instructor is happy. 

You would be happy in comparing to the same amount of time you have spend anywhere else for the purpose of learning self defense! If you are yet not 100 percent happy, you could spend as much time as you need until you are confident! Perhaps this propaganda is trying to include all the lazy butts out there or the busy bees out there that put a serious thought into allotting some time for a self defense plan. 

That is indeed so! If you are not one of them, you can continue and put the training time in. Now you have the knowledge. You can be your own programmer and engineer, or you can ask someone to be your personal navigator. Just put the information of where you are going to by telling your instructor what you need, or ask him to take a look and tell you what you need, or know what you need and sign up for the program that tells you it will give you what you need.

How is Pure Krav Maga Simple then? If you take Imrich Lichtenfeld and Albert Einstein, you could both categorize it as Genii! Both could be considered as working against the main stream at their time, and both did so out of necessity using logic and unique imagination to arrive at the knowledge they were seeking for. 

The theory of relativity is class principle theories employing analytic method. Its elements are based on empirical discovery instead of hypothesis. Understanding of the general characteristics of a natural processes is done by empirical discovery. 

From that mathematical models are developed to accurately describe the natural processes observed. Then you deduce the necessary conditions that have to be satisfied. While separate events must satisfy these condition, experience should match it.

Simplicity is relative then! And Pure Krav Maga is indeed follow up science.  As an Israel Defense Force Krav Maga  Chief Instructor, you have the opportunity to observe thousands of male and female soldiers. You input the date you desire into them by giving them instructions what to do, programming their minds and body, and then put them into sparring drills. That is done already after you have mastered several martial arts, and some of your prospective students have already mastered additional martial arts.

And although you do not get paid much, you are not in a position to push for the wrong conclusion. You are truly interested in the effectiveness and efficiency of your training system...(Unless you reach a level of plateau, but not after developing a clear curriculum, and training someone how to teach it to get the full meaning out of it...

I am not into high math formula, but rather into analytics. Will present that as the analytical quality test to Pure Krav Maga as the way it was formulated was not exactly put into detailed research writing in the past. It was more of a tangible fitness department category, then academics physics department.

It just happened that the mastermind of Pure Krav Maga created something that withstands the natural laws of the universe when it applies to human combatives.

The simple thought that first you have to think what is the most efficient form of attack possible throughout the ranges, and devising counter techniques to it, will give you a realistic virtual programming and skills that can be used against any type of attack - the most efficient and the least efficient. 

That saves you learning all the other techniques that are in fact unfinished prototypes from the standpoint of hand-to-hand-combat. You do get a lot more details and emphasis in the about 150 techniques left to learn, but it saves you learning thousands more, and it closes up the circuits in your brain within few days to few weeks to ensure proper retention and availability to use to prevail in self defense scenarios.

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Brett Anderson said...

Recently I began a new online venture, a personal protection equipment provider that sells cheap safety products like X26 tasers, runt stun guns, vampire pepper sprays and other non-lethal weapons. I feel every person should train their minds and bodies to be prepared for a fight. When that fight or flight moment comes along, we need to be ready to defend ourselves and our loved ones by any means necessary. I reposted this because I decided to change my name and web address. Thanks.