Gaining Optimal Reality Skills while Drilling with Maximum Safety / Boaz Aviram

Drilling with optimal safety but yet gaining optimal skills is the breakeven between training and reality.

Maintaining sequential execution in drilling is essential in getting good habits for both practice and self defense. It ensures that maximum amount of impact can be generated in each strike or kick. 

It ensures that maximum speed of arrival at the desired pressure point is done with efficient lunging from out of the hotzone into the hotzone. It ensures to provide maximum force and speed resulting in maximum challenge to your training partners and force them to test their correct sequence and application of principles of tactics.

When the vast majority of the Martial Arts have no comprehensive sufficient emphases points in teaching the strikes, kicks, elbows, punches, knife-hands etc, and not sufficient tactical hot-zone entries, you get to see varieties of fitness sports challenges under the fame of Samurai origin martial arts.  

In Western sports where the core reasons for success or failures lies in the uncertainty of to hurt or not to hurt, how bad to hurt, when to hurt, and overall bad habits of katas, bag drills, and sparring, the victories and fame become Hollywood strategy!

In any type of sparring or combat sports there are invisible motivators for decision making by athletes. How bad should I hurt, How bad the unknown can hurt me, do I need to apply all my training drills into this fight, how bad do I want to win, how bad do I want to attempt something new, and finally part of the unknown is how bad are my training habits.

When you see famed artists unable to reach the target from the most efficient safe distance into the hotzone, knowing what can happen in the hotzone, and how to tactically waste no time to ensure minimal injury for themselves and maximal injury for their opponents you become appalled. 

Moving into the hotzone inconsistently and finishing a strike or a kick that might have missed in a comfortable way to still be protected and take advantage of your next option is unfortunately a missed opportunity in most cases.

When you measure and test your training against results that incorporate the reaction time and the potential damage to pressure point, and adhere to instilling good tactical habits in dry practice, and sparring drills, with uncompromising approach for uniformed safety procedures in striking and kicking but yet maintaining optimal challenge and maintaining the ability to optimal speed, force, accuracy, reach, and optimal tactical prioritization on the spot, you simply can't go wrong!

Take all the Martial Arts Available Techniques and Training Drills, Apply Immi's Philosophy and Principles of hand-to-hand-fighting and self defense, sort them out, apply uniformity in training methods, prioritize, eliminate non conforming techniques and training drills, start your approach from any direction you wish but for your sake apply prioritization. If you do it right you get Pure Krav Maga!

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