H2H Instructor vs. Fitness & Entertainment Instructor / Boaz Aviram

There is a trend among so called self defense Instructor and students to believe that repetitive sort of realistic scenario training that amount to attempt to physically control someone and inflict bodily harm upon helps individuals to be battle ready. 

Think of air molecules that constantly bounce against each other. Obviously if they move in faster speed they will impact other molecules harder.

But taking the human weapon into consideration, you need to consider much more in depth than that analogy. Pushing and pulling and increasing speed of motion to different directions does help a bit for not becoming an easy target. 

However, when impact with bare hands, kicks, or assisted with blunt or edged weapons, this type of approach is not going to help you. 

Even in grappling scenarios where you are being properly choked or your limbs leveraged, you need much more than that.
So the idea of getting fluid and faster than your opponent being able to accelerate to faster bodily motion triggered by a threat is not bad in its nature, but the way to get there is not buy endless repetitive drilling that instill bad habits. Bad habits due to dedicated time put in could be your number one enemy!

To become faster in your decision, and executions of proper escapes, blocks, deflections, generation of proper impact, and beating the element of surprise by non projected action constant awareness and confidence that you can encounter a human weapon and prevail through proper comprehensive training, you need to go over all the part of the whole picture and spend sufficient training time and test all the elements working in unison. 

For an instructor to demonstrate a move fast and even in slow motion and expect his students will learn what he did and they more they put the time into trying doing exactly what was demonstrated, the better they become, is to doom the majority of his students to life time quest of the impossible. They will try forever, but the bad habits they develop while trying will always be greater and defeat them.

Triggering an instinct reaction in humans that have more sedimentary life than predators is doomed to fail. Humans work with their brains first upon any interaction. Truth is that they have natural instincts that their bodies react to protect itself and you can find it more in children. But these instincts are almost extinct and you need to program them in a methodical comprehensive way.

Pure Krav Maga is a State of the art training system based on breakeven points of virtual most efficient opponent model and human reactionary time.  It is based on solid foundations of developing optimal reaction habits prior to drilling so that one does not develop perpetuating bad habits and therefore bad skills.  Pure Krav Maga therefore, is the most efficient and effective training system in hand-to-hand-combat that exist, since the aforementioned is applied - It is simply second to none!

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