Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Top Expert Recognition / Boaz Aviram

When I was doing Karate I've learned to believe in the power of the invisible Ki which by proper Yoga Breathing somehow works to break boards. Mixed with scientific rumors about vibrations causing a break, my logic was satisfied and I kept working on improving my KO punch. 

Upon meeting Imrich Lichtenfeld's proxies in the Israel Defense Force(IDF), I've realized that in two hours I had learned more about self defense and hand to hand fighting than the seven years of few hours a day martial arts training in Judo Jujitsu, Full Contact Karate and Aikido. 

Much more detailed reasoning derived from science applied to the experience in the world of hand-to-hand fighting drove me to perfect every aspect of the training and testing process and its standardization to driving excellence.

Learning the limits of reaction time, was astonishing.  The proper sequence of arm and bodily motion generating impact force, was cool.  The proper sequence of foot and torso synchronization to use gravity for bottom up front kick and the maximization of the lunging into the target- the quickest possible method of advance empowered me as well.  
Learning to block with my palms and forearms and the sole of my feet while striking and kicking an opponent in his softer parts made prevailing in a fight much easier. Learning that Krav Maga was designed as counter tactics against all the other martial arts was fascinating. 

Although, I've realized that there are few important principles that were stressed in Krav Maga using simple language in communications with instructors and Imrich Lichtenfeld himself, there were many emphases on each drill and techniques that were crucial.

I've concluded that all the essential principles logically must be applied on the whole training process and components. Given thousands of male and female soldiers to train in the mechanics of generating impact, programming their brains in the concept of reaction time, and combat navigation through exposing them to just enough tactical possibilities using the hard parts of the arms and legs against opponent softer pressure points, and then teach offensive and defensive tactics, testing and correcting their finalizing sparring drills teaching them to intuitively apply the skills learned into enough naturally unfolding scenarios, I kind of became an expert in Krav Maga. 

That can be attested by a former Israel Defense Force Fighting Fitness Academy Base Commander Colonel, that collaborated with Imrich Lichtenfeld trying to promote a watered down version of IDF Krav Maga to civilians.

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