Pure Krav Maga - Very Simple Theory, Very Complex Training Method - But its simplified! / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga is very simple indeed - however, on the contrary to what the average folk ever fathomed, the simplicity is only the theoretical part and never found in the training process! 

In addition, the training time it takes to well train an individual in self-defense and hand-to-hand-combat only amounts to about 30 hours.  

If you compare that to the average 450 hour minimum requirements for black belt in other martial arts, you can conclude that if you want self defense, imagine how impeccable your capabilities would have been if you multiplied your 30 hour Pure Krav Maga training time by 15.  In addition think of the instilling of irrelevant destructive bad habits that would be used against you at time of realistic confrontation...

You break down the visible and invisible elements of hand-to-hand-combat down to the smallest part and you train someone in maximum efficiency in each part and then in the whole.

As a rule of thumb, you teach the correct timing of events and motion. While the most efficient attack and defense last only few split seconds, you simple do not have the time to run in circles, not to get confused or freeze, or run out of time.

You need to hammer down into the training process the close circuit of your time limits, when to start, how to continue and how to finish. You need to follow the same sequences to ensure maximization of tactics, techniques and principles. The Principles are pure extraction of the tactics and techniques. It all amounts to fluid lines of defense and protection. Being at the right split second in the right place!

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