Removal of Non-Conforming Techniques and Training Drills from the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum

Per student: interesting variation that you and Eli are demonstrating, that's not quite an inside or outside defense, but instead a downward hooking with the wrist to clear the attacker's arm...

Per Boaz Aviram: Well that move was part of civilian Krav Maga curriculum.  Almost like defense vs knife slash with torso lean back and coming forward with downward block hooking the opponent's cross hand. Defense vs. jab & cross punches...

I deleted that from my civilian curriculum. It was never part of the military curriculum! But why was it left in the civilian curriculum? Perhaps an extra boxing drill? An idea to use knife defense vs. slash? Unfiltered tea?
For sake of efficiency I've deleted it! Here is why: You throw a drop punch, your opponent moves back with his torso only, you throw a cross hand strike to follow up....as part of your planned bombardment combination... 

Well I don't have that plan! For me combination is done with prior identification of the target before each strike is being executed - Not a blind planned throw of punches! The results are much more efficient. If you become an efficient attacker and then devise efficient counter tactics, then the system becomes more efficient!

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