The Best Combination of Cross Training For MMA/ Boaz Aviram

Every person has a unique combination of skills...The one that has more efficient combination of skills has the propensity to win over the one that does not!  While fighting sports are known to be serious to have enough training drills to make them work during sparring, they are usually limited and concentrate on few set of strikes, kicks, or grappling or all of the above. However, to make a system most efficient, one needs to prioritize.  

Therefore instead of preferring Boxing, or Muay Thai or Jujitsu, he needs to prefer the concept that is called the "chain of defense."   The meaning of that is the attempt to resolve the conflict or sports match asap and not to miss any training option from the long to short range. 

The combination of the ranges, will change the tactics of each fighting sports and modify them to synchronize with each other in the overall tactic of chain of defense. Once you have that perception in mind, you will find a way to be more efficient. 

If you do not have it in mind, you might have it or some of it in your subconscious and when it comes out you will have more propensity to win.  At any time you may even win if you have nothing as long as your opponent had a little bit less than what you do!

The names of the techniques in each style and their resemblance to other styles has no combat significance.  What does have is that all are possible motions of the human body that facilitate reach, impact and push and pull leverage. 

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