Transparent Ownership of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Transparent ownership of Pure Krav Maga:  Ability to see the complex whole picture of training self and others intensively in mastering it sufficiently.

The ride to gaining control over your opponent starts with awareness, continues with a decision to move forward and control him or when realizing he is in to get you, and you do not have time to move much, save your time by concentrating on last possible defensive maneuver.

It is of the essence to learn to operate your body and know the road - the virtual navigation system on any possible move on earth from out of the hotzone into the hotzone.

The hotzone is a virtual definition of the space where opponents are within reach leaving the other with no time to respond effectively to an attack due to lack of reaction time.

Pure Krav Maga mainly deals in the kicking range, running and kicking range, jumping range, and closer ranges up to the grappling range. It deals with all the mental and physical activities that are related to intensively perfecting one's ability to control opponents in his territory and prevail in a threat.

The last detail of the invisible happenings and the physical last detail of sequential execution of move generating impact and enabling efficient deflection, with overall momentary prioritization process are crucial to prevail in a few split seconds response to surprise threat.

Pure Krav Maga is definitely not just a good logical advice, but instead it is a training system with systematic training steps in its curriculum to intensively(under a full week's time)to bring the average individual to full command of the essence of self - defense! 

It is not about just attack first and keep going even though you might die, but rather it spreads out all the possible outcomes, their limitations, reasoning, and why and how to train to prevail under their constraints. Instead of many tips, advice and tricks, it is an intricate system of programming your brains and body to respond to any threat possible to defend using your body and brain in a systematic fool proof way. 

Knowing yourself, and any possible opponent's ability is crucial, and therefore there is an invisible model of most efficient training partner to have the training drills and techniques applied to and help speculate all the reasoning for failure and success to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Read the book "Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Wepon," view, the "Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery" training dvd set. Put yourself into training planning mode, and complete the training with the help of a qualified instructor, or do it yourself with the help of training partners.

Pure Krav Maga is State of the art training system based on breakeven points of virtual most efficient opponent model and human reactionary time.

Based on solid foundations of developing optimal reaction habits prior to drilling so that one does not develop perpetuating bad habits and therefore bad skills.

Pure Krav Maga is the most efficient training system in hand-to-hand-combat since the aforementioned is applied - It is simply second to none!

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