Fairbairn Immi and Kung Fu / Boaz Aviram

If you think you need to learn how to knock out someone as soon as possible in order to finish a fight, you need to know a little more!  Because theoretically if your opponent is motivated in the same direction are, you need to have the peace of mind that you still can be the first or at least what makes one the first. 

It is true that when sparring part of the problem is that students are afraid to cause too much injury to their training mates. If they dislike them completely than this is no problem, but I make it a point not to have it in my classes.

In my class you test your ability to arrive at opponents pressure points first, and to deliver a combination just in case the first counter attack was insufficient or missed. To test Knockout power you do this on the punching mitt, in the street, or perhaps you will have a chance to meet someone that disregards your safety and hits you too hard so you get the luxury to test it on him.  Many of my students rely on my judgement in training them until I get a notice from them that it happened and it really worked.

This is because, my idea is to promote each student alike. Those with the natural talents and those that need more training to learn.

The information is in my book and training dvd set.  I am just acting as a kindergarten teacher and sometimes a brain programmer that cleans the dirt out of people's brain and injects them with the knowledge that is laid up in my book, And if their limbs are stuck due to lack of grease I move them for them to free them up from seizure.

Immi Lichtenfeld took Jujitsu from his father, he did gymnastics, little circus acrobatics...he was a boxer, and a wrestler and he was exposes to Fairbairns hand-to-hand combat training methods, while serving in the British Legions. 

The difference between Grasshopper Shaolin observes and a man that trains soldiers in hand to hand fighting is that the starting point is human fighting instead of insect fighting.

Pure Krav Maga unarmed combat section it is basically ability to execute a combination attack within the ranges and tactical entries to the hotzone from virtual contrast several body positioning.  

Overall it is about efficiency of taking the short road to block or attack instead of running in circles, all with the constraint of the human reaction time. Prioritization in training and learning to apply it also helps with combat efficiency.  

The theory which Immi brought to the table on top of the Fairbairn decisive preemptive attack to the end, was as follows: You have the invisible virtual fence in front of you that until it is being crossed you can block anything but after that it is too late. 

According to google the average reaction time of students catching a falling pencil with their fingers is about 0.25 second. The average time to complete a drop punch from a neutral non projecting position leaping over and into the hotzone is about 0.13 seconds. 

And when you are in the hotzone its all about keeping your opponent distracted until you are able to cause destruction.

It would all be different with sports sparring and combat sparring which are all modified in a different ways for different purposes.

In the drop punch you have your full body weight supporting the speed of your arm because you are in the air for a split second during impact traveling forward.  Your foot drops to the ground during retraction concluding total body weight in motion with impact plus the maximum speed of your hand as it accelerates and maintains it.

The drop punch was measured by counting video frames on my video getting the info of how many millisecond is each frame.  The rest is a correct observation and conclusion

The average reaction time is coming from research available.  Therefore, if you are able to get close enough to lunge and cross that invisible fence but not too close to subject yourself to the same thing and you are well versed with the motion it should work.  Some people do it subconsciously,but not all the times.

There is more than the drop punch in Pure Krav Maga. You need to learn the mechanics of execution in most favorable sequence and reach impact and push and pull, and with that you learn strategies and prioritization.  

You hone them into few basic combination attacks, then work on your tactical entries into the hot zone, then transitioning to grappling scenarios if you have no choice, and finishing them with soft pressure point or leverage on the cervical spine.

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