"One Day they will All Come to Our Road..."[Immi Sde Or] / Boaz Aviram

"One Day they will all come to our road..."[Immi Lichtenfeld].
Although Krav Maga was H2H and Self Defense Intensive Training system of the type of no holds barred, what Immi meant was the distillation process of all Martial Arts and Combat sports's training and application methods.

While Krav Maga creators Immi Sde Or (Lichtenfeld) and Eli Avikzar original idea was to develop counter techniques against all the other martial arts, it was later redefined by Boaz Aviram, as the most efficient intensive training program in human hand-to-hand-combat. Was Immi right in his prediction?

Well vaguely yes when it comes to separate sports that prefer only grappling or only upper body impact, more on the point when it comes to sports that incorporate upper and lower body impact and on the point for sports that incorporate impact and push and pull in all ranges. He was almost on the dot with H2H Martial Arts. However, the road is long, and it seems that they are yet in their infancy bogged down with their years of accumulated tradition of bad habits, and beliefs...

We all know that Chinese Kung Fu, Okinawan Karate, and Japanese Bujutsu had intermingled and learned from each other. We all know that lately, Japanese Jujitsu and the sport of Judo, had cross training in Brazilian Jujitsu. We also know that Chinese Kung Fu had cross training in Boxing. Muay Thai also had cross training in boxing as well.

What it really is in fact, a process of filling in the puzzle of Human Capacity for Hand to Hand Fighting! Training centers around the world which some concentrate on combat sports, and some on self defense martial arts all gain expertise for the purpose they serve. 

Some in fact concentrate on re-marketing fitness in one form or another of martial arts while some concentrate on the membership social activity factor, and some on the entertainment factor. They all have at least a little of the aforementioned ingredients.

So you have clubs, associations, organization with different starting points, different interest, and different inclination to revalue what they are doing. Yet as someone that belongs to the unique group of people that had met Immi Lichtenfeld and did not follow him blindly, but rather came to appreciate his superiority in that department, I do believe that Krav Maga has the most efficient form of philosophy of training.

While it seems that the only common denominator between combat sports, martial arts, and so called quick fix self defense training is dealing with techniques and training drills of blows kicks and grappling solo or and against a resisting opponent, most of them do not have enough training material that will program the average individual over a short training time in the essence of unarmed combat.

That only means that the do not have a solid skeleton that contains all the essential principles and training methods.

People keep cross training and hoping to learn something new every day. Some hope their students will not find anything new out of their school as well. But at the end it is an unexplained illogical accumulation of more and more techniques and more and more non specific fitness drills. These might not hurt students while practicing, but the mass of material to be considered in split second confrontation might put overtime on your brain cells and by the time you come to a working solution you would have loss a fight or even your life.

While combat sports athletes might learn the ins and outs of a particular sports including how to take advantage of its limitations and studying their opponent, Pure Krav Maga cannot do this. You train against the unknown opponent and unknown rules if any. That difference enforces you to be more efficient in prioritizing and getting to the whole array of possibilities. Therefore even for combat sports that have unique modification of the combat reality, seeing the whole picture could give a better advance and few more tricks of the trade.

Prioritization is one of the  key essence elements in life and is well applied in Pure Krav Maga.  However on a bad note, it also holds people back when their set of values is not organized logically.

Pure Krav Maga Training session runs like a meeting. It is a meeting between your body, brains and your instructor. You do not want your brain fighting your body nor you want your body fighting your brain in critical moments, this is why you are doing it in the classroom!

Now the question is really with the advance of communication and human learning system, when will if at all a break-even point will occur in the masses of the world population which will value simple and complex logic over, political tradition and the past way of life.

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