Hand-to-Hand-Combat Training Systems and Their Logic / Boaz Aviram

let's say you get up with the idea that if you can deflect something quickly and work on it for hours days months and years you will be so good at it...What about someone that has a plan to counter this knowing the human limits? Can someone train to be so fast to supernatural level where he can predict your attack on time and stop it? 

That question becomes a matter of belief. However from a logical point of view looking at the physics and bio-mechanics of human motion and reaction many of those great ideas lack an overall comprehensive plan to be efficient and concentrate on the essential element of hand-to-hand combat! 

To assume that you can do things your way according to your thought without considerations that there is a more efficient way and to ignore all the elements that contribute to that gives an unknown opponent many opportunities. If you realized what the true elements of hand-to-hand combats are you would not gamble so much with your training time as fitness can be achieved in many ways through human activity.

In programming oneself in hand-to-hand-combat skills the one principle of Pure Krav Maga is combining navigation of 360 Impact drills and push & pull drills to control pressure points under the constraint of reaction time at their break even points of maximum efficiency! 

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