Knife Sparring Illustration of the Invisible Factors / Boaz Aviram

Take a look at knife sparring sessions on Youtube. Just for the purpose of illustration only of the invisible factors... You see Two people sparring with a knife...the attacker is aware of the defender's arm positioning and yet he is trying to attack his body and not the arms...

If you know your opponent is trying to deflect you first before his counter, why not foil it with attacking his blocking arm? This is why you do not want to assume a standing position, but rather wait until he is doing a committed attack. 

Of course he can train to assume you will be trying to do this and go for your arm first, but if you keep your arm down at first, he needs to close the gap to your body, not just to your arm, and then his body's pressure points will be easier for you to reach for the counter. 

Also if he needs to get closer to you, the most efficient approach to him would be to attack with a straight stab, slash, top down or bottom up or other 360 attacks, but as the list goes, the efficiency is being diminished. Remember in this world efficiency prevails...
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