On a Quest to Master Hand to Hand Combat/Boaz Aviram

Wanting to learn Hand to Hand Combat is a serious business in a quest to know how to defend yourself when needed. You don't want to end up a follower of circus shows and fitness regimens, or a theatrical production of a sort of master servant relationship nor a rock star and fan connection.

It is not about being able to know, touch and brag about a titan of which hypothetically beat someone else's Titan.  In a world of invisible truth disguised in web of lies how can you tell if you are on the right track?

Listen to the Experts... Hum...Well you need to have the tools to understand what they say and use your own judgment to verify it because anyone can claim to be an expert in something they do not have much clue in it. It is just the way of the world...

Let's consider the psychological warfare that is out there which is all geared to acquire long term paying members and spread a cult of followers which is good for business. So what do the experts have to say about that? 

Why do you need to train for five years or even a life time and yet have progressing levels of becoming more advanced trying to reach the level of your master while it was done in the Israel Defense Force in one week?  What are you battling and how will you get there?   What will you achieve, and does it worth it?  Well if you are looking for something to keep your life busy then may God bless you!

Let's start with discussing what's learning self defense is all about.  You will need few hours of mental training to understand what you are learning and how to tackle it efficiently. It is about protecting your body and mind from irreversible harm. It is about learning to foresee bad things quickly before they happen and analyze the consequences. 

It is about making a decision to find out how to prevent these bad thing from happening to you and getting to the point you have done all is possible realistically. It is about self assessment of your physical and mental state and keeping in mind your main goal here of being able to use hand-to-hand combat to protect yourself, and perhaps secondary benefits of being healthier, more influential etc etc. Secondary, because these other side effects do not indicate any serious hand-to hand combat skills and are only coincidental to many sports related activity!

Now it is show time. You obtain information pertinent to your plan to master hand-to-hand combat.  Will it be a choreographed fight in a martial arts school? A score in a fighting sports record traced to a teacher? Dubious military past of combat stories of knife fighting, sword fighting or even gun battles?

You need much more than that. You need to understand the limits of the expertise! How long will it take, what will you achieve, how, and why... How many hours of training and how the whole program benefits your hand-to-hand- fighting skills to the point of giving you the tools to use your judgment wisely and decide when to engage and when not to and why.  Finally, you need the real confidence to  engage in a physical confrontation.  

You have done all the things that make sense to accomplish favorable success like leaving your home in the morning and fearlessly getting to your job or leisure place by walking, riding a bike or driving a car fearlessly. 

Sinking into dreams of being a victor samurai or a military special forces by doing hard physical training and wearing sort of alike uniform will not cut it.  You need to be more realistic about your goals you are setting to achieve.  If you really wanted to become another actor, you would have done it in Hollywood!

There is you! Two arms, two legs a body and a brain...There is an unknown attacker - same components different intent. Not much verbal communication but more of a body language and sound before you get surprised.
Should you trust the verbal communications that are intended to control you by a threat or surprise anyway?  

Now you need to set boundaries to tackle such a scenario. When can you afford waiting being passive and when can you not? The physics of such a scenario is the average human reaction time.  The time it takes to reach one's pressure points, and the time it takes to deflect such attempt. 

You need to stay in control. Once you submit to the control of another, you become a sheep waiting to be milked and slaughtered. The same metaphor exists in your training process. Once you succumb to the mental control of your instructor you become a milking cash cow!   Your training should beat around the aforementioned bushes - Learning how to control training partners pressure points first when both training partners try to surprise each other mimicking realistic scenarios.  

This is done not by dressing up like a bad guy, or a good guy that might be a bad guy under disguise, but using the visible and invisible physics rehearsing reach into pressure points conquering the elements of surprise, training in prioritization and crushing impact getting comfortable in actually controlling physical confrontation. 

This should be done not merely as exercise drills, but has to include the mental understanding of whats in it and how at the end of the program it covers all aspects needed to master hand-to-hand combat.

So know what to expect, try to figure out what is presented to you , what is suggested to you and how it relates to your overall goal of mastering hand-to-hand-combat and doing it quickly. What is quickly? How long did it take you to learn how to drive or how to ride a bike? For most attackers with hands on experience it did not take that long... 

Adults measure such training in hours. How many hours of training, the breakdown of training, and how it is related to hand-to-hand combat. How do you train your brain, your body, your arms and legs to foil any attack possible to foil in hand to hand combat. How can you reach opponents pressure points first and control them before they control you and how can you prevent them from surprising you by not leaving you enough reaction time to counter it. 

What should you concentrate your training on? Probably a balanced comprehensive combination of awareness to the visible and invisible components of the human body ability, learning how to "swim" around attempts to reach your pressure points, and how to reach your opponent's first...
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