The restriction of time is the driving force of Pure Krav Maga! / Boaz Aviram

The connection between minimal sufficient training time and minimal reaction time is only a correlation.

While this correlation might suggest the advantage of gaining greater focus and less human natured distraction, one can argue that hammering the essence is necessary to prevent future memory loss leading to distraction.

Whats the difference between Immi Sde Or's Krav Maga and the other's various training systems that fall under one category or many categories of Martial Arts, Hand-to-hand Combat, and Combat Sports?

Well people are people, and they tend to get ideas from their surroundings. They learn to respect authority while some do not. Some gain a better approach to problem solving and some do not.

Sure there have been and still are many suggestions and application of them in creating and using training systems for the purpose of hand-to-hand combat.

Why pick a Boxing Style strike over a karate style strike and not teach both. Just a reminder that the general Boxing or Karate are just terms used to distinguish certain principles and there is more than one Boxing or Karate Styles. But what about the lunging methods of closing up the gap when you need to surprise someone and reach his pressure points quickly? 

People move by crawling, getting up, walking, running, lunging rolling and jumping. You could actually apply all these motions for doing something.

Well if you do not prioritize in your training time and in your reaction preference method, you are reducing your chances of success in a hand-to-hand-fighting situation.

Perhaps being bogged down with too much focus on terminology and demonstration of all the ideas in the universe toward the hand-to-hand combat solution drive most people away from its essence. We are talking about generations of respectful organizations of martial arts and their followers. 

If you have five years to get to a point where you are somebody and use most of this time to mix fitness, repetitive basics which are different from the end result fighting methods, and general attendance for no specific purpose related to hand-to-hand-combat but rather for having a safe social event, you are getting far off from the subject of hand-to-hand-combat. After few generations, the little that you have becomes extinct!

Getting ideas about how to handle scenarios using "tested" Combat Sports is not a great idea either because they are limited and do not include all the human options and possibilities. While they do get your body into a quick response and action, your mind is neglecting some more severe threats that could cost you your life in a split second.

Concentrating on discipline, respect, correct dress code, authority, uniformed methods and terminology do give a unique character to one system or another, but the question is what is the substance that lies underneath that system when it comes to learning hand-to-hand-combat.

Time is of the essence due to the following reasons:  To maximize your options - the more time you have, the better chance you get to prepare for it. To be well prepared you need to follow a tested method that is superior to the others. Wasting your time in speculating options without really getting down to the bottom of it is a tough gamble.

Why then use motions you will use in dance or moving in tight spaces in your hand-to-hand combat training? Why crawl on the mat at the beginning of each lesson? Why use Karate lunge and Boxing lunge and waste hours of drilling both? 

Both of them are used by people the way the walk or hop or lunge as kids and as adults. But the question is what are you training your students in your training sessions? Do you train them to rehearse their natural movement to increase their heartbeats or flexibility and strength? Or do you train them in useful tactics for hand-to-hand combat? Well in this case you need to think what is the motion required for. 

Motion is required for reaching a pressure point, or escaping an attacker's reach! When you think about punching methods, think about what method provides for the quickest reach coupled with sufficient affecting force to neutralize your opponent. Do you have the stamina to out run an opponent and keep a distance out of reach? 

Do you have the stamina to control an opponent in the close range preventing him from reaching any of your pressure points that might reverse the fortunes? 

Can you tell what your opponent is going to do and when he is going to do it and at what speed and force? No! Can you assume the worst case scenario?  Yes! Assume the worse case scenario, set up limits to when you commence your engagement and when you end it. There is going to be a bloddy hell there and it better off not be your blood. If you are wrong in your timing to start and to finish or to never start and never finish, you will carry the consequences.

Assigning terminology and classification to various martial arts without knowing if they can be done in reality as they do not make any logical sense in terms of efficiency, prioritization, and reaction time.

well if you look about the presentation of many types of advance toward the opponent to close the gap. Yes there are many motions that human use in life. But no one mentions prioritization of what is the best for combat. Some students might with God's Will adopt some more efficient moves than the other and become champions until they meet someone that learned it right from the first time or learned it the hard way after thousands of time(which is unlikely because at that point you usually get bad habits)

Board breaking techniques work only on people presenting themselves as boards!

Execution of techniques should follow the most efficient/optimal body limbs motion sequence. The reaction time should be considered according to the most efficient attack possible by a human. Feng Shui and interior design use human logic of some sort of structure and order, but they cannot be applied at face value into human fighting capacity!

Pure Krav Maga was able to sort through the accumulated human knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and apply it methodically into five days of intensive and comprehensive training, which would not hurt to rehearse a couple more time and perhaps few more times for people that have the tendency to clash their brains with any new incoming data into their minds.
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