Blinded by the Belt / Boaz Aviram

You go to a martial arts school...You see many black belts, other color belts. The belts indicate that students spent the uniformed required amount of time to go over the curriculum...

The sparring skills or tournament fighting skills what do they represent? Well if it is a sport Martial Art, as we are talking about belts and competition, then the sparring and fighting represent ability to put the curriculum and time spent learning into work! 

If you are used to a training mode and keeping sort of safe no sort of serious injury, it might be hard to switch modes. If you know that one of you will need to apply ice for few days after, its funny because some good sports people do not mind that it might be them all the time. 

That means that some people in their nature don't like to hurt others. With the fun of tournament and the excitement they might forget or not know exactly how to put the curriculum together to succeed. 

For some it might be the satisfaction of actually being there, having achieved the belt, the rank the status of mastery and the sports training are just fitness and training activity. It is just drills so you will be ready for the real outside self defense fight when it happens. More time spent talking on the topic, training, kicking something punching something is good, etc...

But why then there is one better than the other at the same level? Same belt color etc. Weight differences? Nah! Although there are exceptions, if that was the case alone then why you have people with les weight that are still champions?

Some arguments could be hypothesized:
Although all spent the same time learning the curriculum, the teacher did not teach it the same...

Although all students with the same rank put the same number of hours in the training or tested in the same learning material or both, some digested it better than others. Some had prior life experience either relevant or non related that made their learning process more intense...

Perhaps the champion learned how to fight elsewhere and he is just using the pool of students for his own entertainment and satisfaction?

All of the above are legitimate possibilities. However, an instructor and students alike must ask themselves did the instructor devise a sound curriculum with training methods that can help anyone to progress and close the gap to reach a certain level whatever it is? Do the levels represent something measurable other than the time you know each other and you spend in one institution or another? Do you have a learning objective, did you meet them and why did not you meet them?

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