Handy Objects Use Training Time Considerations in H2H / Boaz Aviram

If in the average you would have the time to use the tactical pen you will have the time to call air shelling or at least a tank fire...

But really, let's say you see someone picking up a chair or you want to start a fight picking up a chair you can practice and rehearse all the methods possible to do that pushing and impact holding the chair at any end, finding the optimal hold of a chair depending on the quickest grip, the most balanced one, the one that facilitates the best points of attack overall considering the structure of a chair with all its edges, and then practice beating up people with chairs or beating up chairs with chairs as you are attacking and blocking....

Then you have a new style of chair fighting. You start selling light and robust chairs as martial arts equipment... well I don't think about that but back to what if someone throws a chair at you. At the end of the day you don't fight the chair but the person that is throwing it at you, and you do not want to get hurt from a flying chair and need to reach the person before his chair reaches your bones or pressure points, but really he can pick anything not just a chair. 

Can you use a chair as an example for a weapon? Sure! Can you use a chair because its the only heavy thing that any student has in the classroom? I think many schools have the chairs fixed to the desk because of it...Same for the movie theater and the Church. 

I can't help it thinking further putting a smile about chairs that exist or in a state of non existence fixed or loose as a connection to prevent crime and violence or lack of technology and keeping human flexibility and strength by having a life style resembling the ancients. But I think I am losing focus of the point of practicing a chair fight's benefits...

Well yeah why not pick up a chair and start slowly practicing reaching training partner's pressure points and having your training partner try and block it and counter attack. I think overhead throwing swings are ok only if your training partner has no clue what to do and does not intend to burst in while you begin to gain the momentum. 

Pushing to contain him with the chair? Extension of the body type of chair hug? No fingers to break? Deflection of the legs would do and counter attack to the body. Same for poking with the legs. Abrupt head shots with the legs?  Use stick defense...

Abrupt teeth jab with the back of the chair? Slap yourself in the face for letting him get that close! Of course if he is trying to hit you from this side before he entered the hotzone you can follow the appropriate measures. 

Perhaps you should also teach not to sit on a chair when you have someone suspicious offering you to sit on it when he plans to pull it out just before you sit...

So carrying swords, bats, tactical pens school bags, chairs in the category of light furniture, lamps, ashtrays, and light personal belonging keys cell phone wristwatch, jewelry, change etc. They are there. But how much time should you spend on training with them, and in what fashion? 

How can you maintain safety while keeping the training real - That means ensuring the students minds are not getting carried away into the game to the point they lose track of the principles of hand to hand combat which help prevail in a fight. 

What might be good for horsing around in the classroom where mostly chairs hitting chairs, might not be good for life saving skills. Perhaps a good few lessons to a classroom of playing with chairs and explaining the dangers for both attacker and defender of not being super efficient in their determination to be non projected, accurate, and impact blowing geared. 

But if they really grasped the subject, it would ruin the fun of getting wild and tossing chairs not knowing in certainty what would be the end result enjoying the suspense. Bullet proof chair seats would be superior comfort in the long run... Think, who has the budget for that, and if you prioritized you better off invest the money in training and security and better measures in response to an armed threat.

Finally, you should always consider the time it takes you to pick the weapon up and how heavy it is and how all that contributes to arriving to your opponent's pressure points first by surprise before they take not and devise a counter.  Of course perhaps they are not familiar with dealing with such scenarios, but what if they are trained?  Have a thorough plan before you get off your chair!
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