Grappling for H2H Not! / Boaz Aviram

Human engineering is not like machine and tools.  Trying to defend yourself against another human attempt of harm, its not only about leverages to produce impact or push and pull alone.   You need the time limit concept! Like race car builders that try to achieve speed by increasing engine power but also decreasing weight, the idea here is not to turn your body into a super car but use what you have to achieve the ability. 

The end result would be more of like ball catching skills, knowing when to start moving your hand, and follow with your body to time the connection at high speed. It would also be like throwing a ball at high speed, but instead of the ball it will be your fist! 

To stick to the the time limit, you need to reach your opponent's pressure points first according to the shortest course of navigation depending on the route you are about to take.

Prioritization that promotes efficiency prevails! Keep in mind not to try and generalize these specific ideas.  When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, impact is prioritized over push and pull.  
In addition the chain of defense, the concept of prioritizing chain of events, chain of possibilities of occurrences, the order in which attack can occur, from far to close etc. 

When you make an assumption that some grapplers can beat impact sports athletes, you can't go wrong. However when you make an assumption that grappling should be the focus of hand-to-hand combat your logic is probably off.

Perhaps with grappling training you could reach higher level of skills gradually and relatively safely since its deals with the forces of push and pull moving up to whole body or partial body impact.

But lets say you are not limited to hit areas like in hand-to-hand combat and someone attempts a takedown while you execute a devastating kick or a punch. If he was able to tackle you and move the fight into grappling, it is simply because he was better in deflecting your plan on time. 

The question now becomes is it more fluid to continue to large limb manipulation or soft pressure points. The next question is did you do enough training to intercept grappling with impact or countering with soft pressure points manipulations. The next question is how hard it is to switch modes from sports mode to hand-to-hand combat mode which seems to be counter intuitive in results if you compare it to your car driving modes. The Munich Massacre of the Israeli grappling team proved that it is not so easy to do so!

Finally keep this advice in mind to never attempt to devise hand-to-hand fighting training system against inefficient attacks as you are devising a system full of loop-holes!   Also keep in mind that a
 hand-to-hand combat training system devised against the most efficient forms of attack was already devised  and its called Pure Krav Maga.

When using the chain of defense for self defense one must use the Pure Mrav Maga principles. One must prioritize striking soft pressure points or leveraging soft pressure points over the large articles. There is no such a thing of being too violent in self defense. You have one split second of a chance. Trying to control your opponent with grappling push and pull leverage and at the same time prevent him from reaching your soft pressure point is not possible most of the times. You need at least the initial distraction on the soft pressure points. If you go for a leg or hip throw and your opponent goes for a throat pluck in the same split second decision, you die!

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