The Switch between Combat Sports and Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

You've learned Boxing, karate, Jujitsu and having a hard time to think that in mixed martial arts you should use that particular kicking strategy, or this particular boxing strategy? Forget it all! Since major limits are lifted off, you are limited in your actions now and confined by more danger from many more directions which limits your strategies etc etc. 

Imagine you will not have boxing gloves on and your actions will be confined to the danger of losing a limb one after the other and your life too by direct destructive blows, kicks, sharp edges, and blunt objects. Your whole strategy should change now. 

It is not a sport but training to calm your confidence of what to do in worst case scenario, when your dignity is insulted with the intent to take your life if needed- when someone intentionally crosses into your personal space with the means to take your rights liberties and life.

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