Pure Krav Maga Perfect for Law Enforcement as its Perfect for Civilians / Boaz Aviram

From my perspective many law enforcement, special agents military and special units and SWAT teams do not have uniform idea of how to drill efficient self defense and unarmed combat. They utilize the best that they can find.  Sometimes they get a better hit then other times but yet far off then what it should be. 

They often use the element of surprise to their advantage, but when it comes to hand to hand combat the element of surprise has a much shorter span and a much deeper meaning. Even so the element of surprise is stressed in training it often becomes a matter of drilling to synchronize fitness reach breach and surprise outnumber and use of superior technical equipment.  But the end of this process there is face to face confrontation, and while this is the most critical element of self defense or prevailing and saving operators life in danger, the least thought is put into this drilling process. 

Most martial arts today which also infiltrated into the military police and special services is coming from generations of so called civilized samurai which turned the fighting arts into acrobatics and safe practice of favorite sparring methods under agreed upon convenient safe conditions. 

While there is thought into variants of tricks variety of intimidation and creating confusion, these theories were never logically tested and this is the reason why they will only randomly work against other opponents that have different training, lack of training or among their own school that have the same training. You cant say its because size or fitness because each size or fitness has varieties of abilities. 

In Pure Krav Maga you basically create the ultimate virtual opponent prioritizing all the elements of combat and then create the ultimate training plan, techniques and drills to apply against the ultimate prioritized reach(who reach the other pressure points first sufficiently to gain the upper hand in the split second process of unarmed combat).

What if in theory your opponent just use a non prioritized lesser efficient method of attack? Since your training is to attack first or if you were attacked first to block and counter attack, your counter attack should have reached your opponent's pressure points before you managed to block his attack. 

This is the rationale for affording trimming the training system to 21 hours of core drills that could be repeated few times until you feel comfortable enough for what you need it instead of taking hundreds and thousands of training hours in many other martial arts and combat sports etc., etc., etc.
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