Pure Krav Maga - Different Priorities! / Boaz Aviram

You walk into a martial arts school that offers varieties of combat sports... People kicking punching, grappling etc...You walk into a Krav Maga class what do you expect? Do you expect less technique practice and more scenario screen scripts acted? Well the name kravmagra like viagra is had been castrated.

Kicking Punching Grappling Knife, Pistol etc. Is the addition of Knife and Pistol a significance of Krav Maga? Well many martial arts have somewhere in their curriculum sort of weapon defense. Some are more ancient traditional which makes you certain that they do stick to the tradition and past and nostaly from the ancient days before gun powder, to the times where you were not allowed to carry pistols swords, etc and to the glory of using natural empty hands against anything.

Well Krav Maga as hand to hand combat is an arrangement of letters into words that became the name of something very specific skills of prioritized training system for bare hands combat used for last resort self defense. Stolen and borrowed by marketing minds and squeezed into the fitness industry, glory and fame of manhood an female bravery it became another life Hollywood formula of dancing with the stars!

What should you expect to see in Pure Krav Maga then? Well most of it is invisible until you learn to envision it! It like the air you do not see but you can breath and sometimes smell...Since the key word is different priorities you should pay attention of how these priorities are distributed along the matrix of marketing and training. The training consists of a 21 hour core curriculum set of techniques and drills that can be walked and drilled through that time intensively. 

You need extra time for warm up and any other fitness and social activity you want to incorporate.  Warm up is essential as there is no reason to get injured by your coach while he teaches you how to prevent them. That 21 hour core curriculum includes most of the kicks all the other martial arts have, most of the grappling principles and application of leverages other grappling sports have, use of a knife, and a stick or rifle as striking or blocking blunt object, and defenses vs. pistol threat, or a threat from a person using a blunt or a edged objects.

The prioritization however is first demonstrated with the condensed 21 hour short curriculum that fits all that. Not only it fits all that, each move, lesson, drill has many interconnected emphasis points that are interlinked in one thought process - to create a trained man/woman that can build an invisible virtual defensive fence around him and be protected merely by adopting good habits of awareness and ability of response with efficient and sufficient action! 

The major difference in drilling Kicks Punches, Elbows, Arm Bars, Take Downs Knife stabs, Club blows Pistol threats and defenses and sparring is the thought process behind it that incorporates the human factor of instincts, reaction, physics and limitation of them all. You get a breakdown of how to get from point A to B and what vehicle is the best form of transportation! You hone the element of surprise constantly by learning how to reach your opponent's pressure points in minimum time. The one you can reach first to gain initial control is the one you want with the fasted method of reach and control. 

There is not point to do a thousand kicks because it turns into a mindless fitness activity! What you want to do is as thoroughly and quickly as possible gain control of the whole process of navigating around another human getting in and out of the danger zone(hotzone) where whoever reach for his opponents controlling pressure point first can gain the upper hand. 

While Hollywood scenario based crime and punishment drills can be fun, you need to concentrate on a universal model of human capacity and keep your mind busy how to constantly be in control against that virtual all capable enemy! 

The possibilities are endless. For example someone can threaten you with a pistol and then kill you with a knife, ask for your money and then rape you, knock you out unconscious and then choke you, intimidate you verbally and then hurt you, or kill you instantly before you notice and you wont even feel it! 
Its like fire! You do not want to get burned. So you keep a distance from its reach. The fire can change its reach by the setting. Humans are more predictable!

So in that 21 hour core you learn how to take advantage of the element of surprise to attack and defend and how to use the law of physics to create impact and force and leverages. You learn to prioritize and be ahead. So when you learn how to kick you learn first hot to lunch and get into and out of the hotzone like an infantry soldier that has to get fit to run into the battle field, only in a lunge from out of the hotzone into the hotzone its a short run and you need to concentrate on the motion of each part of your body to make it maximum efficient to fit that lunge into a split second less than the human reaction time which is a few splits of a second. 

You learn how to position your body to maximize your balance with an instant avoiding the need to use muscle resource to maintain that balance to any other direction but instead to use it to contribute for the motion maximizing the impact force of the kick. You learn how to shift your weight and the correct sequence and timing of moving your body part to contribute to the quick impact. You learn the maximum reach possible yet using the element of surprise form far to near from safe to danger!

You learn to navigate form closer ranges like punching and grappling. You learn to prefer impact over leverage a pressure point. Although soft pressure points are more favorable, you prioritize taking the hard pressure points from a distance as they are more available. You learn simple physics of measuring the distance to reach your target and reaching it in maximum speed and force. You learn how to be ready for the next worst case scenario within a split second.

You learn principles through techniques and you only use enough techniques to learn all the principles you need and of course you need the best techniques that can teach you the most. You basically program your mind through the drilling of techniques how to reach to your opponent's pressure points before he reaches yours and control him by knocking him out, distracting him and inflicting severe pain etc. You also learn how to deflect an upcoming attack and counter attack at the same time while you and your opponent arrive at the hotzone. 

Then you learn to prioritize. Your first choice would be to attack but if he attacked first you use the second best choice, to deflect and counter attack. The third best choice is that if you did not make the first and second choices then you hope you will be lucky that he made an error and was not the most efficient in what he was doing...

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