Pure Krav Maga and Clinches / Boaz Aviram

Various street-fight videos show people punching from a clinch hold -- "too closely engaged for full-arm blows" as the dictionary puts it.

What optimal PKM ways to disengage, if someone starts a clinch fight in the middle of a crowd (where because people are close-packed, your attacker is already in the hotzone)?

In boxing and Muay Thai Type fighting clinches are used as part of the training and matches. While boxing a sport limited to punching, getting too close in a defensive tactic is being utilized by boxers to rest. As a counter clinch boxers try to deliver hooks and uppercuts. In Muay Thai clinches are utilized to control and deliver knee kicks.

While some of the fighting sports are limited and therefore geared towards punching only or punching kicking and elbowing only with body contact only when necessary in a natural fashion to prevent one falling, Pure Krav Maga is not a sport and therefore is looking for the quickest way to end a fight.

In Pure Krav Maga the clinch is in the shoulder blades followed an escape from body holds to deliver optimal knee blow to the groin.

Escaping from a head clinch:
Preemptive drop to the ground in the most favorable angle and motion.

Execute escape from a clinch following the principles of escape from front headlock leveraging on the head or dropping and attacking the groin.

Once you are out if you still need to finish your opponent and he is still under the spell of the initial distraction, at the close range you go for soft pressure points or head manipulation. There is no reason to go back to punching since they are used as a quick safe impact delivery from the punching range only.

There is no need to resort for any classical Judo throws since they are the classical extraction of throws into art and in reality you would look for the easiest way to control your opponent.

Once your opponent is distracted from the initial impact you move to neck manipulation (neck breaking or leverage for throws) or controlling soft pressure points. 

However only if your opponent managed to escape and increase the gap you will have to follow with a punch or a kick and if necessary move closer to finish with soft pressure points and neck manipulations or control methods if you don't wish to hurt your opponent and you feel safe enough for your life.
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