The Magic of Magics - Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram, Founder

Heard about violence and its retribution, felt it, used your imagination to become invincible, tasted the split second street fight and finally wanted to gain more expertise and enrolled in a martial art school to learn how to cook a fight...

Well if you were serious enough about it you should have enrolled in a magic school to become a magician. Surely for most of us it might sound even more boring than a martial arts school...

So you are enrolled in sort of Wing Chun, BJJ, Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, etc etc etc. Yes I've combined fighting sports with Lethal Martial and Artistic Gymnastic martial arts in the above sentence. But that is not the point here. 

The point is what is your intention, and how you are going to accomplish it. Perhaps for some folks, it is the nearest fighting school. Perhaps for some its a fascinating physical challenge, professional career or just a life's call.

So of course you have all sorts of schools some have more sparring than the others and some break it down more than the others as well. You can be in a great school to learn a game with instructors breaking down techniques and devising drills to climb up success. You can have schools where you feel the hardship of trying to catch a breath from taking a punch or a kick, and after you ice it, you feel great. 

Whatever the excuse is such as getting resilient to take a punch, getting tough, its only a sports.   Be a good sports when you win and when you lose. Fun session - you feel great! Sometimes you enjoy everything, the dry drilling, the sparring, the competitions etc.. etc.. etc...

Sometimes you lost a fight but deep inside you know its because you were a good sport and if you wanted you could have beat the crap out of your opponent. Its just that he is making himself look better for some reason. 

Sometimes you keep wondering how come you are paying tuition, putting the effort and yet there are few people in school that are just better than you and you know its not because they have been there for longer!

You can end up spending a lifetime trying to find out the answer. Sometimes you lose connectivity with reality. What am I going to do in a street fight? 

Am I going to use the same techniques I am using in sparring? Do I have enough sparring experience? Did I ever knock someone out in sparring? What is my possible knock out rate? Can I control someone by inflicting pain or damage sufficient to convince him to get the hell out of my face? 

Am I prepared to kill someone on the spot just because a severe threat to my life or dear one's? Will my moves work against more than one person? How much do I know about the magic of fighting for self defense?

Well magic is surprise. A surprise with something you think is impossible to be done! So if you learn sort of Pure Krav Maga, you learn what seems impossible. Why is Pure Krav Maga then like going to magic school? 

You learn how to magically control humans that are about to attack you. What is the difference between the magic word Pure Krav Maga and any other martial art? In a way Pure Krav Maga means Magic School for All!!! 

Its paying attention to a comprehensive detailed intensive training program. It teaches you the connective language of hand to hand combat communicating between your mind and body and enabling you to sort all the options and possibilities to control opponents before they control you. It is the shortest course possible because you learn the language. 

If you took another martial arts, you would train before you learned the language. Your language will be limited and will not cover all the aspects of your training.   Therefore, you will not have a clue if what you are doing is indeed comprehensive and covered all aspects required. 

Here in 30 hours of training, you would experience drilling techniques to reach pressure points and leverage them using the best options with your body, and create a complete training circle for the purpose of self defense.   You will drill it while your training partner is trying to do the same.  You will realize the limits of the Human Reaction time, and you will see all the connections of the split second decision, reaction, action and resolution of threat scenarios.  You will gain a deep understanding of the complexities of a fight so you will be certain why the moves and drills you practice and the theory behind it work!

You can simplify it or expand it whenever you want. 123 - Awareness, reaction at the split second of hotzone entry neutralizing any possible attack and counter attack; stop and make a judgment what to do next.

12345678910 Learning the pressure points, learning to create impact and push and pull to manipulate pressure points, learning the theory of reaction time and timing and how to apply it. Learning defensive tactics. Learning use of a knife and a stick and defensive tactics. Learning pistol threat defenses. Learning Grappling escapes. Learning safe sparring techniques that mimic reality and let you keep the connection at ease between handling a training partner or a hostile threat.

So what am I getting at with this article? I am trying to have people that used the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery DVD Set to share their experience of success and failure to get to the bottom of the training problems to achieve magic! 

At the end we are all humans, We want to succeed but we don't want to take too much risk to injure ourselves and mostly others. How do we balance the need to control magic with proper training stretching the limits with keeping safely in training? 

How do we keep our mindset geared to proper training and avoid dangerous horseplay or sink our imagination in delusional skills?
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