Why Pure Krav Maga is different than any other Hand to Hand Combat training system / Boaz Aviram, Founder

1) You create a virtual map of methods of reach and control pressure points in the optimal way.

2) You assess which one of the opponent's pressure points you can reach first considering the availability of pressure points, the speed of reach, the distance it takes and the methods providing speed and force to lunge and provide impact, or pressure and tear. You assume your opponent will chose the quickest method, and you consider that in your consideration at all time.

3) You then coach each individual with a uniformed and tailored method of getting to the most reachable and effective pressure points in minimum amount of time. That must involve training for awareness of the limits of human reaction and ways to control it, methods of running, lunging and getting close enough to the pressure points in order to manipulate them with impact, but not too close which can cause compromised acceleration and weight shift for required for impact. Also learning to manipulate pressure points that are less accessible and require lesser impact.

Considering human reaction limits, you train individuals to move in the environment with awareness of their limits and therefore avoiding scenarios where putting them with insufficient reaction time. Then you train them in the exact timing they need to start their offensive and defensive moves before it is too late. Sequential execution equals optimal sequence of body parts commencing and stopping motion during each move which contribute to optimal reach and impact on the desired target.

Finally you devise drills that will facilitate real time practice or programming the body to effectively drill just a sufficient amount of scenarios that will provide answer to all possible hand to hand combat scenarios.

In conclusion: " Great techniques are worthless if you do not recognize all the elements above required for their success!"

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