Krav Maga Demo Considerations / Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga[Israel Defense Force Original Krav Maga] - Feeding Students Efficiency
Civilian Krav Maga - Teaching/Telling Some Emphases Points.

When you teach techniques you teach tactics. When you teach to generate impact you teach tactics.  In everything you teach in Pure Krav Maga you teach a method to enter the hotzone under the constraint of reaction time, being aware to all the dangers, equipped with a tactical plan and honed skills to prevail!

While you have many important and crucial emphases points in each technique and training drill, students and instructors do not pay attention and implement them at all times for various reasons. 

One of the reasons is lack of attention. Another can be bad habits that come back when the mind is overwhelmed with a problem. It can also be temporary or permanent physical limitation such as bad knee. Finally, it can possibly be purposely misleading students and possible patent thieves in the secrets of a training system.  

In Pure Krav Maga if the instructor has physical limitations performing all the required demonstration of moves sufficiently he is at least required to be able to teach it and have the students execute them sufficiently after the training. Sometimes a demo goes bad because of safety in training. 

After all you know you have your student in front of you and not an adversary, and you constantly pay attention and keep thinking how to execute the demo impressively with a student that is not all the time your best student without injury. 

The nature of demonstration in Jujitsu is part reality part artistic performance and therefore it far from demonstrating efficiency. Substituting throws where students break fall instead of a knockout punch which is marked first is straying away from reality and doing extra techniques to demonstrate control over opponents.  The audience and students do not understand the exact role of all the moves and over the years, the instructors do not understand it as well.

In the following video, two front kick done in the same day. One to teach an attack kick to the groin, and the other to teach topdown knife stab defense with a front Kick. 

However both are different! One has a much greater torso tilt than the other. Since both kicks were done in the same hour of filming, the instructor did not have a bad base foot knee. 

The only reason could be is that there was no emphasis on consolidation and use of same exact complete set of principles for the same kick at all times even for the first two Israel Defense Force Chief Instructors! 

This indicates one of the stages in the development of Pure Krav Maga to the point of documented and aspired consistency!
Watch a Demo Video of Front Kick with Israel Defense Force Chief Instructors Demo
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