Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon - Better than Israel Defense Force Manuals / Boaz Aviram

When you are reading Israel Defense Force Krav Maga techniques training Steps descriptions in a book for Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon techniques rather than mimicking an instructor's demo you need to take your time to fully understand what is going on. That forces you to instill more appreciation and expertise to the smallest components of these techniques and training steps.

Doing so you immediately recognize that each technique required to be drilled covers combination of efficiency, tactical plan, leveraging forces of push and pull or impacts, and unique sequential execution method. This makes a big difference from mimicking an impressive technique, to being successful in applying them against a challenging and resisting opponent!

The photos are just enough for you to get an idea which largest to the smallest parts of your body you will use and in what sequence and how you are going to engage them with your opponent. Together they engage your brain to work out a precise unfolding of a split second scenario which you need to drill to perfection slowing it down and bringing it to a maximum speed fluid execution.

At the initiation of the drill your mind has the time to ask all the question of each step why this and not that, how, and why not any other way. Once you get it, you are certain in what you need to do without hesitations, and all is left is to drill it 10 times and check for errors, bad habits, and correct them until its a match with no discrepancies. 

Every training step is of the essence. If you encounter something different than what you already learned, this is the time to check yourself and ask why. The book is correct! It was edited more than 10 times by and Israel Defense Force one of the first Krav Maga Top Experts!

While the Israel Defense Force first few manuals were a collaboration of the printing units, writers, and Krav Maga Chief Instructors, the rush to print when needed, and the nature of the short term service or other urgent obligations did not allow for a follow up edit and check of all the important information. Photos alone do not tell of the invisible forces that execute the motion and the timing of commencing and etc. etc.   Boaz Aviram, the Third Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructor had also spent 15 years as Certified Public Accounting Investment Partnership Auditor acquiring the skills for faithful presentation of any system.

Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon was written by Boaz Aviram and edited and reviewed by each time the Publisher made changes to provide with complete accurate presentation to stimulate your brain to train properly and sufficiently to close the circuit of training is self defense through the genius mastermind of Imrich Lichtenfeld by the Third in lineage Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructor Boaz Aviram.

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