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Aiki -Jujitsu Prominent students created Various specialized safe practice sports which were not suitable for fighting Military! Therefore For Military and Self Defense, the most suitable training system is Pure Krav Maga.

According to history and stories when the Samurai Disbanded prominent students of the well known families and clans of the Martial Arts created sports like civilian physical games narrowing it down to one aspect of fighting. Other clans, simply in their need to adjust to the civilian market ended up gaming with safe throws alone or ground grappling alone.

The Samurai were Professional Soldiers, and
Martial Arts Today are Sports Aspects of the Samurai Designed to Keep Membership Fun and Safe Sports!

Some preferred the target shooting or gaming with a stick or demonstrating with a sword. 

Even so called Full Contact Karate limited its hand strikes to below the throat as a bare hand could prove deadly aimed to a pressure point in the head or neck area without covering it with protective glove. Yes the legs are bad too, but require more skills and it seems that when student were accustomed to sparring they somehow used kicks to the face without killing force.

Click on the Link Below to visualize the substance!  In this short Aikido drill video you can see aikidoka redirecting the forces of push and pull through a long stick that could represent a sword. It is just a drill that is designed to demonstrate the redirection of the forces of push and pull where the creator of Aikido had said that Aikido is a demonstrating of the forces of the universe[Push and Pull but where is the force of Impact anyone?]. This vague description of purpose of Aikido has attempted to point out to the beauty of the art in its spiritual sense.

Of course in this drill done in slow motion to preserve the safety of students and perhaps the instructor you get a chance to explore all the possibility to manipulate the forces of push and pull.

But if students were really fighting to get the stick i.e. at least sparring trying different tricks, it might have looked different then. 

However, this is just a training drill and the curriculum might follow that type of training drills for years, maintaining everyone's safety. Perhaps, this training drill helps in the future to attain skills that will form the lead to any incorporated trick that one may wish to include, or perhaps this drill will dictate a strict conformity to the art without even thinking about incorporating any other tricks...
Video Demo

But let's get back to the Samurai that probably used various weapons and their body as a weapon when needed to. That was the complete picture at that time. Whether they had the most efficient fighting method, or the victors simply happened to be more efficient than their kill we cant tell. But they were the complete ultimate fighters of their time in their location!

If you only learn portion of the drills that prepared them for a fight just because the whole curriculum was divided, disintegrated and adopted to maintain students with the joy of training and least danger yet maintaining the anxiety of a fight, you are only a fraction of a samurai!

Of course if you make a living with the use of the gun protecting the good with a firearm and happened to engage in a hand to hand combat scenario, or even use or neutralize an attacker with a knife, you are sort of equivalent to a modern samurai too. But either way, as long as you live you can't tell if your samurai training system was the most efficient training system existed or it just happened that your adversary was simply less efficient than you were so you were just lucky...

So you have an ancient samurai training system that was disintegrated by many generations and you only got to train in a portion of it and you never got to put it all together. You can be a champion in a civilian sport called a samurai fighting art but its only a small portion...

You can be a soldier, a special agent, or whatever, or a geek self defense avid that wants to sit in a bar and protect his wife in a confrontation, or just a good human being that stands up for himself and others. Well samurai did not use much of guns and rifles but they used bow and arrow for distance attack and swords and knives in the close range.

They resorted to hand to hand if they could. Just because they wore armors and could never get close to a 100 yard sprint record does not mean that you should mirror their tactics to become a true samurai. If you want to become a legend through them you cannot!!! They deserve the credit - not you! If you want to live in their code of honor you should adopt to modern life unless you wish to use your imagination and inspire people's imaginations to live the past.

Anyway any physical training will get you in sort of shape, and you can act and play any of your favorite historical or fictional character. These skills including acting might prove useful in a confrontation or in earning income. But if you want to resemble the true spirit of the samurai and want to attain some fighting skills, try Combat Shooting, and Pure Krav Maga! Yes if you join the military you might get to use more advanced horrible weapons as well!

Aiki - Jujitsu Prominent Students Created Variety of Sports - For Self Defense Choose Pure Krav Maga!
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