The Virtual Elements of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

The virtual elements of Pure Krav Maga:



3)Complete applicable Concise Intensive Complex Tested Training

1) Scope limitations: Awareness of the whole picture of the past present and future pertaining to self defense and controlling an opponent through reach to his pressure points first upon hotzone entry. Awareness of human reaction time limitations and therefore keeping the element of surprise at bay and yet maximizing the limits of response on time.

2)Intensive training provide for less warm up fitness time as only one hour per day of training is needed and the rest of it can be dedicated to the various learning processes.

3) Learning is done through presentation of the complete picture of the topic, break down to its physical and virtual components and drilling sufficiently the parts and the whole. That provides to overall familiarity and detail drilling and honing to expertise and complete circuit fast closure helps with retention of the material in the brain.

Examples of details include prioritization of impact over push and pull however maintaining sufficient drilling of push and pull to facilitate escapes in case the opponent used push and pull on your pressure points first. Training to use judgment by picking the best option to each scenarios that is sufficient to resolve the problem but yet most efficient in time of reach, consolidated training when possible with unique variations when necessary.

Use the Opportunity to view the complete IDF Curriculum hands on training done in 24 sessions - 5 days of Instruction

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