Advantage in Limiting the Curriculum of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

Many Times Immi's Civilian Krav Maga senior students had asked him, " Immi why can't we add this and that technique?" While Immi at his old days at times was agreeable to why not and such, the immediate thought that would arise would be that Civilian Krav Maga had five years instead of Israel Defense Force One 18 Day Krav Maga course to drill his students! That however does not imply that the Civilian Krav Maga has more time to learn more techniques!

Generally because you do not have the time to waste and you do not want your mind to be bogged down with too much stuff which it might be tempted to use and doing so gain bad habits which might cost the students his life in a confrontation. In 3 weeks of IDF Intensive course you get the core curriculum of 21 hours regurgitated through lesson plan evaluation about 3 to 4 times. So you would get about 144 hours of Pure Krav Maga and the rest is warm up and fitness. 

A soldier Trainee day at the Fighting Fitness Academy is longer than the classic 8 hours work day, however still the learning factor is taken into account and sufficient rest is required. Warm up and fitness can be done in early morning and late night hours giving at least 8 hours a day for Pure Krav Maga and plenty of time to afternoon rest after Lunch!

In civilian Krav Maga of about 480 hours in biweekly classes in five years, assuming students take off about one month vacations. You need to divide the 480 by 4 because for each hour taught you need to do warm up and fitness which takes 20 minutes each and for the rest of the hour you need to consider that some people do skip classes and there are many levels of people in the class. So you really get about 120 hours of Pure Krav Maga which is about what you get in the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga.

However, you do not get the lethal elements and since you spread it over 5 years the retention of the breakdown of the training system is generally approaching zero. 

The answer to that might appear like it has something to do with prioritization that students will learn how to handle themselves in reality based training instead of gaining familiarity with more and more tricks.  Instead it is a more profound reason - to avoid fitting bad habits into the split second life and death reaction that is possible to save your life.  Any technique or drill that promote something that cannot fit in that time span, had been eliminated out of the curriculum, and there is not point in bringing it back!

So the limited Pure Krav Maga Curriculum was carefully selected and had a more profound reason behind it.
Use the Opportunity to view the complete IDF Curriculum hands on training done in 24 sessions - 5 days of Instruction

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