The Curriculum of Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

A curriculum is that if it only lists techniques and drills and the time it takes to learn/teach it does not give a decisive direction to the objective of learning Krav Maga. Going over the techniques and even getting yourself familiar with offence defense scenarios might keep you busy and calm you down but alone cannot be professionally associated with the study of self defense and hand to hand combat!

What is a good hand-to-hand fighting training curriculum then? Well it is a documented plan that details the subjects of importance in learning and training to achieve its objective.

While elementary schools and universities assume that the mere exposure of students to varieties of experienced professors in their fields of expertise will provide their students with greater chances self learning and future success, many admit later that their schooling was a complete waste of time! The reason is that there was not enough decisive comprehensive guide for what is success in life in a competitive realistic cruel world.

But what you did get from these schools is exposure and drilling to communicate, learning to use your logic! Life is indeed a learning process but why pay someone for intensive studying and drilling your basics where your logic succumbs to unrealistic presentation of your future? There is just not enough thought in the curriculum! Are secrets kept, or it is just that the people that are in the teaching business were never exposed to them, nor they possessed the logic to see them?

Most things are more complex than what you are thinking, and most people do not want to bother to try and see them because they are never taught to take the time and set the structures in their brains to analyze complex things. My suggestion is take the time to analyze the curriculum that is proposed to you or that you are proposing to others...

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