Level Seven Master Instructors and Above / Boaz Aviram

You start your Krav Maga Life experience with the Israel Defense Force Fighting Fit Academy becoming the head of Krav Maga... At the end of your military service, you move to the civilian markets to continue your contribution to man kind...

You try to maintain quality control...In a way Krav Maga is like rare wine and each year had different batches. There are many imitations as well. 

So what kind of grading, what kind of ranking part motivational achievement aspirations, part status are you going to give and what will you base it on?

Imrich Lichtenfeld was the first Krav Maga Chief and Eli Avikzar followed his footsteps. The first was entrusted with the virtue of honing all physical aspects of combat into the molding Israel Defense Force. The second was in charge of the specific skills of Krav Maga Only!

As the father of Krav Maga and the Israel Defense Force physical molding of fighters Immi wished to keep the deep intensity of such in the Israel Defense Force. Thus he resorted to more of a sports training occupation after retiring from his pre military and military career. Later he even called it Krav Maga and founded the civilian Krav Maga association...

Eli his follower helped him develop a civilian curriculum by spreading the intensive Israel Defense Force Krav Maga intensive curriculum over five years, adopting the Japanese belt ranking system of the martial arts.

Anything that starts in science and adopt too many spiritual elements with less checks and balances of science becomes an unfounded religion!

So you have a ranking system whether its English, German, Japanese, or Chinese...Part calls for respect, and part calls for ridicule, admiration, or faith. You need it so be not only respectable, but also based on essential merit!

It needs to attest for something. At the lower levels of the ranking system, its simply following the training regimen and mastering the training system sufficiently. Then its about setting up a school and teaching the elements of self defense and hand to hand combat. Then it is maintaining it providing precious service to humanity - "so may one walk in peace."[Imrich Lichtenfeld]

"Nothing is new under the sun" said King Solomon. But its the lack of teaching all the old stuff and lack of learning it, and the false teaching and learning that keeps making every day new! The process of learning - transformation from blank mind to a powerful brain is very slippery...

The preservation of Logic in a very complex matters such as teaching hand to hand combat is not a simple task. The economic and psychological elements of retaining students at various points of their lives often turns into a circus juggling game. 

So when you advance through the first few steps and become an establishment to society, you need to be proficient in all aspect of the process but also dedicated as a father or a mother protective of your clients future success in a hand to hand combat confrontation. So if you possess the aforementioned, you can come to the elite class that not too many know about of high ranking Pure Krav Maga Instructors.

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